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Kaspersky Lab: Ebola hook in “Nigerian” spam

In September spammers produced topical new versions of the old “Nigerian Letter” scam, this time based on the Ebola virus. According to company’s experts several mass mailings exploited this theme. A large part of the major theme mailings promoted products ...

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7 African Startups That Received Microsoft 4Afrika Funding

Microsoft Corp. today announced seven new African startups to receive funding, technical support and mentorship to fast-track their growth and provide a roadmap to  highlight Africa’s ‘future  growth pole’. The announcement was made at the Microsoft 4Afrika Advisory Council meeting in Nairobi ...

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50% Of The World Will Be Online By 2017

Over 50% of the global population will have Internet access within three years’ time, with mobile broadband over smartphones and tablets now the fastest growing technology in human history, according to the 2014 edition of the State of Broadband report.   Released today in ...

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Orange Launches Start-up Accelerator Programme in Ivory Coast

With “Orange Fab Ivory Coast”, Orange’s network of start-up accelerators is now present on four continents.  The programme, which is a pillar of the Group's open innovation approach, reflects the determination of Orange to support the new digital players and help ...

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Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction

Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction [i] Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   We started discussing term sheets sometime ago. If you missed those discussions you should consider reading the previous posts titled “The Anatomy of A Term Sheet” before you read this one.   Today we ...

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embedded systems

We are FASMICRO, your leading embedded systems training partner in Nigeria. We are the only Altera and Microchip authorized partners in West Africa.  Email or call us now to schedule your training.   Embedded Systems – FPGA  using Altera technologies. Fasmicro is Altera design services and training partner. Visit our Altera page here. Embedded Systems – Microcontroller using Microchip technologies.Fasmicro is Microchip authorized 3rd party technical training partner. Visit our Microchip page here.  


A “PARABLE” is a story that conveys a moral message—often with animals standing in for humans, as characters.  Last week though, an audience at the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), in Abuja, was regaled with a different kind of parable.      The principle character was neither a human nor an animal—but rather, a satellite whose powerfully instructive story was retold, on the occasion of its Third Year in orbit.      The […]

ovim uka ellesse

New data from Juniper Research has revealed that by 2019 worldwide revenues from tablet games will reach $13.3 billion – a threefold rise on the 2014 figure of $3.6bn. The report highlights that growth will be fuelled by a number of key factors including  improved storage capacity of devices, better graphical capabilities, increasing mobile broadband penetration and consumers’ preference for convenience and ubiquity. The report, Mobile & Handheld Games: Discover, Monetise, Advertise 2014–2019, also found that […]

convertible notes

Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction – A Numerical Example [i] Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   We started discussing term sheets sometime ago. If you missed those discussions you should consider reading the previous posts titled “The Anatomy of A Term Sheet” before you read this one.   Today we will walk through a simplified numerical example to demonstrate some of the arithmetic and logic associated with Convertible Note financing.[ii] You should read Convertible Notes 101: […]

id card with president jonathan

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has received his National eID card, heralding the official launch of the eID pilot program. In the pilot phase, the Nigerian Identity Management Commission (NIMC) will issue MasterCard-branded identity cards with electronic payments functionality to 13 million Nigerians. This initiative is the largest rollout of a biometric-based verification card with an electronic payment solution in the country and the broadest financial inclusion program in Africa. The eID card forms a key component of the Nigerian […]


As at 3 years ago, ecommerce in Nigeria was not as big as it is now. It seems to have come a long way and that is just to show that there has been tremendous growth and progress in the Internet business.  Online shopping in Nigeria has been on a steady rise ever since, with the expansion of e-commerce platforms that are fully operational and are completely with different business models. One among them is Kaymu, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace, kind of like eBay, I think you get […]


Different colors hold different type of significance in people’s lives. It is because of the fact that colors stimulate the feelings and moods of any individual. Researchers have also stated that various colors affect our behavior and the way we feel about a certain thing. This is the reason why several restaurants and shops use vibrant colors to grab customer’s attention and increase the profits. After all, color is the first thing a human mind […]

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