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Join Us Here Tomorrow For A Big Product Launch

  People, Tekedia team has a big launch today. We invite you to come here to learn of what we have in store for our readers. You will like it. We have been working on it for a long time and ...

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The Beauty Of Sunset Captured On Cameras

These photos are awesome. They are simply great. While there are amazing parts of this wonderful world, we think you need to invest to experience the sunset in these areas. At right weather, timing and location, it could be unforgettable. Barcelona, ...

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Top Five Federal Universities Of Technology In Nigeria

The following are  the top five federal universities of technology in Nigeria according to our methodology. Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends and networks. #1. Federal University of Technology Owerri #2. Federal University of Technology Akure #3. Federal University of Technology Minna #4. ...

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The Anatomy of A Term Sheet: Participation Rights, Board of Directors, Expenses, Future Rights, Founder Matters, and Binding Terms

The Anatomy of A Term Sheet: Participation Rights, Board of Directors, Expenses, Future Rights, Founder Matters, and Binding Terms [i]   Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   We started discussing term sheets sometime ago. If you missed those discussions you should consider reading the previous ...

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Intangis Holdings Is Flatly Wrong To Sue AMCON In New York Over Mainstreet Bank

We received this distributed newswire where one U.S. entity, Intangis Holdings - an American financial and investment company that specialises in Emerging Markets - noted that it has sued AMCON in a U.S. court (how convenient). The content is produced below.   Intangis ...

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Mercer L.L.C., the wholly-owned benefits consulting subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Cos., has agreed to buy a 34% stake in South Africa based employee benefits services company, Alexander Forbes. The purchase is contingent upon approval and successful completion of the company’s upcoming entry into the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.   Alexander Forbes provides employee benefits and investment services to institutional and retail clients in South Africa and sub Saharan Africa including retirement and investment consulting, administrative and […]


Government of Uganda has developed guidelines for development and management of all Government, Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs) websites. The guidelines are primarily intended to improve government online presence as well as service delivery.   These guidelines address common policy issues and practical challenges that Government departments face during development and management of their websites. The guidelines aim to assist the departments in ensuring that their websites conform to the international minimum standard as well.  This […]


Microsoft has unveiled an online intellectual property (IP) portal called the Microsoft 4Afrika IP Hub, in an effort to create an IP protection culture in Africa. The IP Hub will offer developers and independent software vendors the skills and tools necessary to develop, protect and monetize their innovations. The portal will pilot in Kenya for two years, after which it will be handed over to the local government with similar pilots being rolled out to other […]


One of the things I really like about my job studying and investing in early stage startups is that I am constantly learning something new. This is true especially when I am encountering a startup for the first time, and begin to study polished and slick pitch materials on my own, listen to the entrepreneur deliver a pitch, or independently try to educate myself about the basics of the problem that the startup is trying […]


Rajoshi Gosh in Chennai, India sent me this question via email; I am a startup founder in the developing world.1 How should I go about making the right connections in the developed world for:   A product that is global in nature? A product that is specific to the developing world? I will paraphrase Rajoshi’s question, and try to outline an answer to a not dissimilar question; How do I help to spread my idea?   But, […]

Yahoo down

It seems like Yahoo email system is doing. It has been having issues recently. Though they have improved the interface to serve adverts better, some of us still prefer the old simply Yahoo. When the new one is used in a slow network, it does not deliver great experience as the loading time is long. Google Gmail solves the problem of slow network by diverting the user to a slim version that is largely simple […]

mainstreet bank

After taking participation interests in the share capital of Afribank in 2010, Amcon organised the liquidation of the banking group and subsequent transfer of all its assets to a new structure, Mainstreet Bank, which it wholly owns. This liquidation concluded between 5 and 8 August 2011 with total disregard to the rules of law, harmed all Afribank’s shareholders and creditors, including Intangis Holdings. Intangis Holdings referred the matter to the International Court of Arbitration, on […]

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