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Google Breaks Kenyan Transportation System

From today, every Nairobi resident and guests of the city can plan their route with Google Maps when using public transport. Working in collaboration with Digital Matatus, we have made bus & matatus (minibuses/ minivans used as public transport) routes ...

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Africa Finance Corporation Receives US$50M from Islamic Development Bank

Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) is pleased to announce its acceptance of a US$50 million 15 year line of financing, with a 13 year six month repayment period, from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).   The funds will be used to finance projects located ...

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How Fast Is Your ISP? Play This Game In Lagos

Visit FastOrNot, a website that helps you compare ISP performance in your neighborhood with data aggregation and analysis. You can easily test the speed of your ISP in Lagos region and beyond. It is a product of the Co-Creation Hub.   FastOrNot is ...

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South Africa's Click n Compare Arrives Nigeria

CNC Group (CNC), parent company of Click n Compare , the South African-focused comparison website is expanding their African footprint after a very successful year with a strong month on month growth of 40%. Alongside the South African success of ...

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Nigerian Banks Facing The Toughest Challenge In Decades With Buhari's TSA Directive

Banks in Nigeria are in trouble. In short, the executives of banks should be worried. Most banks in Nigeria depend on governments and traders to make money. They largely do not contribute anything except interest payments and fees as few ...

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In most developed parts of the world, it could be a vacation to be in prison. If you look at these prisoners, they look like bank managers. Yes, they have the best electronic gizmos and except the freedom, miss nothing. In America, some go and commit crime during winter to get the body warm as they cannot afford heating homes, which in most cases they do not have. Some will even tell you that prison […]


When Steve Jobs died, Apple lost its Decider-in-Chief. There are many smart guys in the Apple executives and they all have egos.  In this team of stars, you need a leader. The company does not have the uniter and person that makes them to function as a unit despite their divergent interests as many media have noted. When they disagree, Jobs was there to help. Not anymore.   The new iPhone 4S that parades a […]


These days, many U.S economists and politicians are openly worried by the prospects of China overtaking the nation as the nation with the highest GDP. They reason that will mean a clear signal that America has lost its dominant position in the world. That will mean that the engine of innovation for the last hundred years have lost the swagger which made it the envy of the world.   That will mean that United States […]

Google Nigeria

Technically, Tekedia believes in open competition. But we also understand when the playing field is fair. Google is making this blog extremely uncomfortable, in many ways. When Google unveiled a program where African businesses will register/host websites through them, we were skeptical as why saving a business $10 per year should truly be what Google should worry itself. They did that program in Kenya, and have rolled it out in Nigeria. From the engineering point […]


Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business takes first place in The Economist’s ninth annual ranking of full-time MBA programmes. Chicago drops to second, having come top last year, while the world’s most famous school, Harvard, also drops a place to fifth. Wharton? 15th. Click to zoom the image.


With the internet aglow with the light of a million computer screens harping on about the new iPhone, it is worth pointing out that the times have changed. This time, Apple isn’t breezing into a market where it reigns supreme, as was the case with the iPhone 4. Phone manufacturers from Samsung to Sony Ericsson are embracing Android, to the extent that the iPhone is no longer synonymous with smartphones in the way that Google […]


Feedback Rocket offers an innovative online solution to obtain useful, insightful and honest feedback on products and services.  It is a subsidiary of GetAGreatBoss.com. According to the creators of Feedback Rocket, it was born out of an experience  where a feedback damaged a product they were involved in. So, they made this technology to ensure that never happens. We like this aspect of this technology:    Our system enables an employee to give anonymous feedback […]

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