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  • Nigeria Ranks 86th in Global Cyberthreat – Kaspersky

    Nigeria Ranks 86th in Global Cyberthreat - Kaspersky

    Kaspersky Lab has launched an interactive cyberthreat map that visualises cyber security incidents occurring worldwide in real time. The types of threats displayed include malicious objects detected during on-access and on-demand scans, email and web antivirus detections, as well as objects identified ...

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  • Best future innovation the iPhone 6 coming soon

    Best future innovation the iPhone 6 coming soon

    Although there is lot of time left for the release of iPhone 6, and we already have some important information that how it will be. While this is only a rumor and speculation, but they are without quite logical grounds. ...

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  • 5 Steps To Setting Up Your Online Business

    5 Steps To Setting Up Your Online Business

    2014 is a great year to set up an online business.  More and more people are buying online, and the technology exists to create your online business quickly and cost efficiently.   This guide is going to take you through 5 quick ...

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  • Technology: The Gunpowder of the 21st Century – innovaBRICS & Beyond Insights

    Technology: The Gunpowder of the 21st Century - innovaBRICS & Beyond Insights

    To survive in Africa during the 'post-extraction era' one needs to place greater emphasis on education, says Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe. And that is precisely why he is currently building a technological institute in Nigeria, slated to become Africa's answer to ...

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  • Kenyans Review Draft National Cybersecurity Strategy

    Kenyans Review Draft National Cybersecurity Strategy

    Kenya is putting in place a cyber security strategy to protect the country’s online assets.   The ultimate comprehensive new strategy document will guide the management of cybersecurity issues in the country.   Kenyans and interested stakeholders have until Friday March, 2014 to have ...

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LG revolution

What separates the LG Revolution from so many other Android-based smartphones? 4G long term evolution (LTE) capability.  If it were not for the 4G/LTE angle, this phone might be just another in a host of Android smartphones with the usual single screen slick touch interface. But it got the hottest capability in the world of smartphone. It is 4G and LTE ready.   The LG Revolution (VS910) is a 4G LTE Android 2.2 smartphone with [...]


Oregan Networks, the leading developer of Internet TV receiver technologies, has launched a new hybrid version 4.2 of its software, which delivers Broadcast and Internet Protocol media functionalities in a single software stack. The company has implemented variants for the Latin American, European and Asian markets that have adopted the DVB-T or ISDB-T digital broadcast standards on their paths towards the digital switchover.   As part of its multi-regional hybrid solution for telecom and broadcast [...]


Research in Motion (RIM) has officially announced the release of its latest smartphone at the Engadget Germany event last week.  This comes after the world had gotten wind of T-Mobile’s preemptive announcement in the US earlier that it is carrying its first 3G Blackberry smartphone with the Blackberry Bold 9700 code named Onyx.   It was earlier said to get a SIM-free price of $599, but now with AT&T likewise marketing it, the price is [...]


Google is at it again. g-Africa team is rocking and next month will be in Uganda and Kenya for the next phase of its poplar g-Africa program where it brings techies, people, entrepreneurs to master more Google business and technologies.   This is the focus: Get Online and Grow your Digital Strategy for Marketers, Businesses, Publishers Developer & Webmaster Deep Dive with Android, Chrome, App Engine, Maps and Webmaster Tools.   G-Uganda  venue is  Sheraton [...]


Take back and relax. iPhone 4 was hyped and it delivered a knock-out sales statistics. Enjoy one of those introductions that premiered this product. This piece was originally penned before the official release of iPhone4.   The forthcoming July release of the 4th generation iPhone has a déjà vu quality to the first iPhone but on a shorter timescale. The days leading up to a June 24 release has about the same fevered anticipation and [...]


It comes as to no surprise to many people that HTC will be releasing the Nexus One Google phone. After all, it was HTC that released the very first Android phone, the HTC Dream. But before the Taiwanese company was ever a part of Google’s grand scheme to conquer the mobile phone industry, HTC was originally focusing on developing devices using Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system; and prior to that, the company had its own [...]


RIM has announced the beta availability of BBM Music service in BlackBerry Beta Zone.  The BBM Music enables users to share, discover, play, and grow  their music collections with  BBM friends and pals. This is largely a way to get a pile of the cake in a highly evolving sub-sector in the music. Music sharing has become a hot area. Pandora and Spotify are heavyweights in the web based services, but BB is looking at [...]

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