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910 Million Mobile Subscriptions in Africa

With smartphone penetration ramping up across Africa, the continent’s businesses have an opportunity to use mobile technology to become more efficient, productive, and responsive in the way they do business.   According to the Ericsson Mobility Report for 2015 (http://www.apo.af/uwS8Ft), there were ...

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Top Security Tips for African e-Consumers

With Africa experiencing an e-Commerce revolution, more and more African consumers are looking for ways to protect themselves against scammers. According to Cristobal Alonso, CEO of MOBOfree.com  "African consumers need to adopt some key habits in order to avoid fraudsters."   Tips ...

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Africa’s Maker Movement Offers Opportunity for Growth - Ndubuisi Ekekwe - Harvard Business Review

In a glittering ceremony in Skhirat, Morocco, three African innovators emerged as winners in the annual Innovation Prize for Africa competition. The African Innovation Foundation, which organizes the event, focuses on identifying homegrown and scalable innovations that address local problems ...

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African Organisations Should Focus On The Following Areas to Boost HR Performance

Businesses across major African economies such as Kenya and Nigeria are coming under increasing pressure to align their strategies for retaining talent, compensating employees and engaging with their workforces with good international practices.   That’s according to Gerhard Hartman, Head of Department ...

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Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2015 Winners

In a glittering ceremony hosted by the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy in Skhirat, Morocco, researcher Adnane Remmal was announced winner of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2015 ...

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Virtual Kenya is an online interactive platform with related materials for those with no access to the Internet. It is designed to provide improved access to high quality spatial data and cutting-edge mapping technology to allow more Kenyans to use and interact with spatial data in their educational and professional pursuits.   The ultimate goal of Virtual Kenya is to promote increased data sharing and spatial analysis for better decision-making, development planning and education in […]

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The Nairobi GeoSpatial User group meeting is a group of GIS Professionals/GIS related organisations who periodically come together to share experience on the GIS front in Eastern Africa.  They have a meeting scheduled and the topics to be discussed are:   VirtualKenya- The Upande team will present on VirtualKenya platfrom Spatial Data Infrastructures – Team from the WorldBank will speak on Spatial Data Infrastructure, from creation,publishing to dissemination   A geographic information system, geographical information […]


Google is really busy these days. They just unveiled another initiative in endless business development in the continent. From their newsletter, this is the new one:   We are pleased to announce that the Google RISE Awards are now open for applications. Google RISE (Roots in Science and Engineering) Awards are designed to promote and support science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science education initiatives. Google provide awards to organizations working with university and pre-university […]


Arik Air Ltd is purchasing two 747-8 Intercontinental airplanes from aerospace and defense giant Boeing Co.  for about $635 million at list prices. Boeing noted that the order was previously attributed to an unidentified customer on its website.   “Air travel within the region continues to grow at a rapid pace and we must prepare our fleet to accommodate that growth. Boeing’s new 747-8 fits perfectly into our long-term planning. It brings the best operating […]


Three delivery trends are reorienting the way enterprise IT management leaders bring applications to market: Agile development, composite applications and cloud computing. These trends share a single, primary aim, and it isn’t just cost reduction. The chief objective of these initiatives is better, faster outcomes. All three seek to strip the latencies from traditional delivery and provide results that are more aligned with, and more responsive to, the business.   If your enterprise is like […]


In what appears to be a manifestation of the Jonathan administration’s tough talk on corruption rhetoric, three Nigerian ex-governors and members of the ruling party, PDP have been accused of embezzling a total of $674 million USD or N 107 Billion ($1: N 159).   Mr. Olugenga Daniel who held sway over the affairs of south-western Ogun state leads the league tables, having been accused of looting $387 million (N 61 Billion) over an 8 […]


MultiChoice Nigeria has announced the appointment of Mr John Ugbe as Managing Director of MultiChoice Nigeria effective from November this year.   This appointment, according to a statement, marks the first Nigerian executive to be appointed to this senior position.   Chairman of MultiChoice Nigeria Adewunmi Ogunsanya said: “We believe that John is an experienced executive, who will be able to lead the company into a new period of growth and expansion.As technology evolves, the […]

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