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Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction

Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction [i] Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   We started discussing term sheets sometime ago. If you missed those discussions you should consider reading the previous posts titled “The Anatomy of A Term Sheet” before you read this one.   Today we ...

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Starting Business in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Out

Top Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Start a Business in Nigeria andthe Way Out Starting up a business in Nigeria can be very tough if the accurate strides and knowledge about the business is picked up before starting or investing ...

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StartCrunch Is The Main Crowdfunding Platform To Raise Money In Nigeria

StartCrunch is getting a lot of traffic and we ask people across Nigeria and Africa that now is the time to start creating projects to take advantage of the traffic. People are looking for projects to fund. Take action, fund ...

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Detailed Breakdown Of 2014 Nigerian Budget With Graphs

This is the 2014 Federal Government budget since  approved by the National Assembly and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan. Out of a total budget of N4.962 trillion, the allocation to the defence sector took about 20 per cent, totalling N968.127 ...

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The Most Lucrative Tech Sector Emerging In Africa For Investors

There are many promising technology sectors in Africa right now. The market is still very young but it has a lot of growth ahead of it. From our travels around the continent, we have noted that some sectors are ripe ...

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Background  Those between 18 and 35 constitute almost 50% of the Nigerian population (NPC 2006). Given its size, energy, passion and creativity, this demographic group should be a critical resource for economic growth, sustainable development, and national transformation in Nigeria. At present, it is not. This is because the potential contributions of our young population is compromised by a host of challenges, including lack of jobs, limited marketable skills, low entrepreneurial bias, limited access to […]


Nigerian banks are gradually returning to good health following increase in income by the end of 2010 to N192.7 billion, Businessday reports. Analysts from Afrinvest say the rise in income is not unconnected with the decline in loan provisioning and aggregate charges that have gone down by 4.8 percent and 67.1 percent, respectively.   Afrinvest in its 2010 banking report noted that a combination of increased economic activity, election related spend, rising government receipts and […]

AcidZorb Containers

MC Endeavors, Inc. has announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with Fiscal Dynamics Limited, (“FDL”) of Lagos State, Nigeria for distribution of MCE-LBI Renewable products throughout Nigeria. FDL has been involved in environmental disaster remediation, oil spills and specialty chemical clean-ups, environmental soil bioremediation and extraction technology consultancy services in Nigeria since 1991.   CEO and Managing Partner of FDL, Akinpelu Cornelius Shogunle, Ph.D., P.E. affirmed that “DualZorb fulfills the scope of requirements […]


The truth is this: HP still sells PCs though they are shopping around for the more than $47 billion business. Right now, HP Experience Store has an ongoing a back-to-school sales promotion with an offer of a free Microsoft Office Suite for every HP 635 laptop purchased between 22 August and 30 September 2011 in Nigeria.   Mrs. Ugochi Asinugo, HP Store Manager noted that the driver for this is the affordability: “We understand the […]


Fasmicro Apps Invent 2011 Date: Sept 12-16 2011 Fasmicro will organize the biggest Android Apps Development workshop in Nigerian history where everyone that registers gets a free tablet. We have tagged it Apps Invent 2011. Register for N49,900 (one week course) and get a new Ovim tablet.   Fasmicro Apps Invent 2011 – a training programme for those who intend to venture into mobile apps development but do not have the time, tools or resources that […]

girls on action

We like this piece from iHub Kenya website where a group of girls in secondary school are working to make their communities better.   Imagine if there existed a social network that links up high school students and pre-University students to do community service on a very large scale! Imagine if multitudes of young people were organized to clean markets and streets, plant trees, reach out to children’s homes, elderly homes and hospitals, and most […]

carlyle group

Fortune Magazine notes that the The Carlyle Group, a private equity firm with around $153 billion in assets under management, today filed to go public. The offering is for only $100 million. It went on to state that Carlyle did not identify on which exchange it plans to trade or its prospective ticker symbol. JPMorgan Chase & Co.,  Citigroup Inc.  and Credit Suisse Group AG landed lead roles managing the initial share sale for Carlyle […]

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