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Cybersecurity Consulting in Nigeria - Milonics Analytics

Cybersecurity Consulting Milonics Analytics cybersecurity consulting practice provides IT security consulting services and solutions. We offer a full range of cybersecurity services and enterprise IT security consulting and implementation on both a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis. Areas we ...

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Milonics Citizen – An Integrated Campaign Tool for Nigeria

Milonics Citizen – An Integrated Campaign Tool for Nigeria Milonics Citizen is an integrated data platform that sources and tracks voters for a political campaign in Nigeria. It provides a web app interface that is hardware agnostic which enables it to ...

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Fasmicro Creating Circuit Innovations In Nigeria

We design integrated circuits (microchips) and embedded tools optimized for African users Fasmicro >> We are Enginers

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[Apply] Total And Wennovation Hub To Hold Hackathon

Total Nigeria Plc and Wennovation Hub have announced the launch of the first edition of Total-Wennovation Hack. The Hackathon has the objective of harnessing innovative technological solutions to pre-defined problem statements, with the ultimate goal of improving business productivity and ...

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Revisiting What I Know About Network Effects And Startups

The recently announced IPO of Alibaba got me thinking last week about network effects1 – what they are, how they develop and evolve, and how network effects can help or hurt a startup.   That is something I think about a lot, practically every ...

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ilab liberia

Information and communications technology has the power to transform even the world’s least developed countries. In Liberia, iLab’s mission is to provide the facilities and expertise to allow local IT use to flourish. Operating in Monrovia, iLab Liberia is a computer laboratory that provides access to cutting-edge technology, expert IT assistance and a community of like-minded individuals.   The founders of iLab Liberia recognized this growing interest and simultaneous lack of info-sharing resources available to […]


We just created a LinkedIn group, Nigeria – All Things Business. It is open to anyone that wants to learn about business, technology, and relevant other issues  in Nigeria. Log into your LinkedIn and search for it in the Group Search. Add yourself and you are in immediately. Then begin to post and share links. Enjoy.   If you are logged on right now in LinkedIn, click this link to add yourself in the group. […]


Today, Tekedia confirms that the CEO of France Telecom, Stephane Richard, has announced that iPhone 5 will be released on Oct 15. Yet, Apple is still mute or dumb over this as usual. Best Mobile Contracts UK    noted  that  if we consider the fact that this is a network carrier boss, it could well be true.   Stephane Richard is reported to have said “If I believe what we heard, the iPhone 5 is out […]


Established in 1999, the Youth Forum has become an integral part of UNESCO’s highest decision-making body – the General Conference. It brings together young delegates from all over the world to exchange views, share experiences and identify common opportunities and challenges.   As part of the 7th Youth Forum, UNESCO will be offering five young journalists and bloggers the opportunity to participate in the Paris event. Journalists and bloggers who are selected to attend the 7thUNESCO Youth Forum will be […]


For a very long time, one opened the pages of  a Western newspaper with upbeat news about Nigeria – Wall Street Journal reported about the Huawei IDEOS smartphone in Nigeria. The phone is a really cool deal and was actually seen in Nigeria during the g-Nigeria event organized by Google. Then few had interests because there were many things not in that phone – the folks who can afford smartphone will afford smartphone and the […]


The Radar was launched alongside the HTC Titan to mark the launch of Windows Phone 7 Mango, the first major update to the mobile Microsoft interface that introduces a wealth of new features including multitasking and voice search. The Titan is a very large device that will not be to everyone´s tastes, but the Radar offers a similar software experience in a more comfortably sized phone.   The Super LCD screen on the Radar measures […]


BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai, writes that anyone who still believes that mobile gaming is the domain of the spotty teenage boy urgently needs to update their thinking. All age groups are now engaging in regular and immersive mobile entertainment activity on their mobile phones, and the proportion of women playing mobile games is rising fast. Those agencies and brands that understand the new dynamics of mobile entertainment can take advantage of this powerful channel to […]

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