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7 African Startups That Received Microsoft 4Afrika Funding

Microsoft Corp. today announced seven new African startups to receive funding, technical support and mentorship to fast-track their growth and provide a roadmap to  highlight Africa’s ‘future  growth pole’. The announcement was made at the Microsoft 4Afrika Advisory Council meeting in Nairobi ...

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50% Of The World Will Be Online By 2017

Over 50% of the global population will have Internet access within three years’ time, with mobile broadband over smartphones and tablets now the fastest growing technology in human history, according to the 2014 edition of the State of Broadband report.   Released today in ...

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Orange Launches Start-up Accelerator Programme in Ivory Coast

With “Orange Fab Ivory Coast”, Orange’s network of start-up accelerators is now present on four continents.  The programme, which is a pillar of the Group's open innovation approach, reflects the determination of Orange to support the new digital players and help ...

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Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction

Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction [i] Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   We started discussing term sheets sometime ago. If you missed those discussions you should consider reading the previous posts titled “The Anatomy of A Term Sheet” before you read this one.   Today we ...

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Starting Business in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Out

Top Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Start a Business in Nigeria andthe Way Out Starting up a business in Nigeria can be very tough if the accurate strides and knowledge about the business is picked up before starting or investing ...

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The Main One Partner Advantage Program enables clients to provide customers with industry leading broadband services from Main One Cable with limited financial, marketing and other risks.  It delivers a common set of business processes for greater efficiency, resources and benefits targeted to the partners’ areas of focus, accessible through a single point of entry, the Main One Partner Advantage Network.  As a member of this affinity group, clients benefit from competitive discounts, collaborative marketing, […]


“Every business needs a mobile app. As it was in 1995 when firms moved online and got websites, we are in a transition where many are moving to the mobile ecosystem. Today, your business process is not complete without an app”, Fasmicro Publication, 2010   Fasmicro develops across many platforms and we have served more clients in France, Brunei, US and Africa than any apps house in Nigeria.     If you are looking for a […]


Sony is taking a new dimension in its efforts to ensure that what happened to PlayStation few months ago does not repeat itself. Sony was hacked and was technically over-powered by the bad guys. According to Businessweek,  the breach was one of the largest online data breaches in U.S. history.   The April 2011 hack into Sony’s networks that included PlayStation networks caused disruptions for more than five weeks and compromised more than 100 million […]

msema kweli

MSEMA KWELI is a mobile application that helps keep track of Community Development Fund projects in Kenya. It does this by putting the power of keeping track and commenting on the projects in the hands of any person.   By simply being able to choose the project from a list generated from your choice of constituency, MSEMA KWELI shows the relevant details of that project. It then allows you to be able to share the […]


BUILD is a new event that shows modern hardware and software developers how to take advantage of the future of Windows. Learn how to work with the all new touch-centric user experience to create fast, fluid, and dynamic applications that leverage the power and flexibility of the core of Windows, used by more than a billion people around the world.   Hear how the UI was designed to work seamlessly with a diversity of devices […]


True Entertainment Potential of Smartphones Is the Smartphone capable of swallowing the market for both handheld consoles and personal music players? With declining iPod sales and an explosion in downloads of Smartphone game apps; the answer is yes.     Gaming to secure revenue streams How can developers, operators and handset manufacturers’ monetise the games app? As successful Smartphone games like Angry Birds reveal the vast revenue streams and franchise possibilities of Smartphone games, this […]

global traffic

A new IBM survey of the daily commute in a cross-section of some of the most economically important international cities reveals a startling dichotomy: there is hell on the wheel. And IBM is creating a market to get engagements from cities. The appropriately-named 2011 Commuter Pain Study questioned motorists worldwide on a range of nightmarish areas: from journey times and the price of gas to the estimated level of stress involved in driving. The technology […]

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