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A car bomb tore through the United Nations’ main office in Nigeria’s capital Friday, flattening one wing of the building and leaving an unknown number of people dead.   A medical worker at the scene told Reuters at least 10 people were killed and local media said as many as 40 more were injured, but the death toll was not immediately confirmed by officials and many more victims could still be buried by rubble. Firefighters [...]


China seems to be breaking grounds daily. They are dislodging economies and markets and becoming #1  as often as one can count. Japan has since lost the 2nd biggest GDP to it. Now, it is the PC market and U.S. just lost the #1 market in the world.   Final results from International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker show that PC shipments in the China market have exceeded those of the United States [...]


  This is a developing story.   Tekedia Abuja Editor hereby confirms five dead. It is now ten people. They have been taken to the mortuary.   Also, right here in the Federal Clinic, we are counting 16 wounded people. Now 40 people wounded.   People have to be careful because other bombs could explode. People must stay away from Western agencies.   On Thursday Boko Haram  bombed a police station and raided banks in [...]

bomb blast in Nigeria

A bomb blast hit the United Nations building in the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Friday, the U.N. said, and witnesses said they had seen dead bodies being carried from the site.   “I can confirm there was an explosion at the U.N. building,” a police spokesman in Abuja said.   “We have deployed our policemen and anti-bomb squad. We can’t establish how many casualties (there are).” Witnesses said they saw ambulances carrying casualties from [...]

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  There has been an explosion at the United Nations building in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.   The UN said it was a bomb, Reuters news agency reported. Unconfirmed reports speak of a number of casualties in the incident.   A police helicopter is circling the building and smoke is billowing out, reports said.   Abuja was the scene of a car bombing at police headquarters in June, blamed on Islamist sect Boko Haram.   [...]


  The rapid expansion of low-end sales already is impacting the market share of various players in the smartphone space. The low end business has been the anchor of most Asian competitors. HTC and Huawei are playing this game and Huawei, especially, seems to have found the right product in IDEOS. Yet, even the legacy players know this game a lot.   Nearly lost amid news of Apple Inc.’s rise to leadership in global smartphone [...]


Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the percentage of households owning more than one camera. Consequently, the percentage of people reporting that the newest digital camera is their first digital camera has fallen significantly.     As digital cameras move from being household items to becoming personal items, there is an increase seen in the number of digital cameras that are owned in a household. There has been a gradual shift [...]

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