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Google Breaks Kenyan Transportation System

From today, every Nairobi resident and guests of the city can plan their route with Google Maps when using public transport. Working in collaboration with Digital Matatus, we have made bus & matatus (minibuses/ minivans used as public transport) routes ...

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Africa Finance Corporation Receives US$50M from Islamic Development Bank

Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) is pleased to announce its acceptance of a US$50 million 15 year line of financing, with a 13 year six month repayment period, from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).   The funds will be used to finance projects located ...

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How Fast Is Your ISP? Play This Game In Lagos

Visit FastOrNot, a website that helps you compare ISP performance in your neighborhood with data aggregation and analysis. You can easily test the speed of your ISP in Lagos region and beyond. It is a product of the Co-Creation Hub.   FastOrNot is ...

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South Africa's Click n Compare Arrives Nigeria

CNC Group (CNC), parent company of Click n Compare , the South African-focused comparison website is expanding their African footprint after a very successful year with a strong month on month growth of 40%. Alongside the South African success of ...

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Nigerian Banks Facing The Toughest Challenge In Decades With Buhari's TSA Directive

Banks in Nigeria are in trouble. In short, the executives of banks should be worried. Most banks in Nigeria depend on governments and traders to make money. They largely do not contribute anything except interest payments and fees as few ...

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Cloud computing has been a big part of the recent iOS update and has been extended to many different areas of the phone´s design. iCloud allows you to store documents and files in “the cloud” and retrieve them on any iOS device. This could be work documents, images, music or apps. You can download an app on one device and have it automatically added to your other devices. Take a picture on your iPhone, and […]


Lessfuss is an affordable South African personal assistant service that helps you save time and get things done for a low fee in South Africa.   Founded by four friends in early 2011, Lessfuss grew from the desire to spend more time on the things their love doing, and less time on the curve-balls life throws at you.   Lessfuss is a reliable, South African, personal assistant service that helps you get things done. We […]


Having previously supported the Co-Creation Hubin Nigeria, Indigo announced a £10,000 grant to cover salary costs for a business adviser to provide support to several of the very promising projects that are emerging from the hub. The grant will be used partly to support the following projects:   123Health – A Health Information Service for citizens. It’s a web and mobile based platform to  provide accurate information on basic health issues and health providers across […]


Consider three scenarios: The Mexican economy was in ruins in 1982. Oil prices had fallen, the peso was devalued, interest rates were high, and some banks were nationalized. Yet a young entrepreneur saw opportunities and invested heavily during that downturn. He acquired clusters of companies, across industries, from foreign and native investors, who were fleeing the collapsing nation. His father had told him that nations never go bust forever. Good times always return. That entrepreneur… […]


Not much may have changed physically with the iPhone 4S, but some of the new software features are pretty interesting. The most impressive feature on offer is the Siri voice control system. This is integrated into the iOS 5 operating system and so can be used in conjunction with a variety of apps and services.   Simply hold down the phone´s home button and speak. You can issue a command such as to phone a […]


Water and Sanitation coverage in Nigeria are amongst the lowest in the world. According to the 2008 report of the WHO/UNICEF JMP Joint Monitoring Programme, Nigeria is in the bottom 25 countries worldwide in terms of water and sanitation coverage. Nigeria, like several other sub Saharan African countries is not on track to reach the MDG targets of 75% coverage for improved drinking water and 63% coverage for improved sanitation by the year 2015.   […]


One of the days we read the Aimtech Twitter feeds that they will take on GoDaddy – the web hosting giant! Truth be told, they truly mean that. In a blog entry, the company noted that it does accept online payment for its  business. That is innovation and very commendable!   We are more than pleased to announce to you our new Card Payment option which will allow you to make instant payment for any […]

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