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A 19-year-old who is probably the world’s most noted iPhone hacker said Thursday he’s been hired by Apple, the very company whose products he’s been hacking into.   “It’s been really, really fun, but it’s also been a while and I’ve been getting bored,” Nicholas Allegra, who’s better known by his pseudonym Comex, posted on Twitter. “So, the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple.”   Forbes writer Andy Greenberg revealed [...]


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an Android! Better than announcing a baby’s gender to an expectant couple, Motorola has released the details on its new mobile phone to the happy mobile phone crowds. Needless to say, everyone is pleased. The arrival of a new Android marks another victory for developer and internet giant Google as they have continuously been pushing the limits and capabilities of mobile phone software. Their latest Android, version 1.5 has been [...]


Samsung in the “after iPhone” years has become the fastest follower of the phone OEMs in this new smartphone phone paradigm. But Samsung’s strength that makes them a true OEM super power is their vertical supply chain. Samsung is also the only company that can give Apple any challenge in the industry. As BlackBerry has been vanquished, a new dawn is here. It is a game between Apple and Samsung. And Samsung has got many [...]

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Fasmicro EnviroMeteris the most advanced pollution metering system (to our knowledge) designed by Africans to track the level of CO2 in the city. Our motivation is simple: African policy-makers are making decisions without data.  We want to empower them with a simple, but rugged technology, that will help them see how much CO2 that is present in the air, at any time. We capture the CO2 and then develop a Pollution Map which anyone with [...]

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By any measure, the outlook for tablet devices is astounding.  Tablets will consume vast numbers of displays, semiconductors, batteries, and other materials.  They will spawn whole new forms of rich content, and they will greatly impact the strategies and fortunes of wireless service providers.  Tablets are also proving to be highly disruptive, augmenting or replacing other types of equipment used for mobile computing, gaming, reading, and education.   To help you ride this trend, Ovim [...]


In a word or two An affordable, attractive and social networking-centred handset, the LG Viewty GT is sure to be a crowd pleaser.   The Design The latest addition to the LG Viewty range of mobile phones, the LG Viewty GT is slimmer than the LG Viewty Smile device and is housed in a more curved, modern frame.   Weighing just 98g, the LG Viewty GT is as light as it looks. And using the [...]


According to BuzzCity, in Libya, mobile internet is showing signs of increased consumer activity.   While the world’s attention is focussed on the capture of the Libyan leader, mobile networks are beginning to operate again. Libyan traffic peaked in Jan 2011 (110 mil ads served) and has dropped each month since, to an all time low of 8,239 in June.    Dr KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, says:    “While we do not know if the mobile internet [...]

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