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Improving Innovation in Africa - Harvard Business Review - Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Opportunity is on the rise in Africa. New research, funded by the Tony Elumelu Foundation and conducted by my team at the African Institution of Technology, shows that within Africa, innovation is accelerating and the continent is finding better ways ...

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Jumia Had $32M Loses in 2014, Revenue was $28M

People, be ready for the long-haul if you are going into the e-commerce sector. It demands a lot of efforts and money. You need to build logistics and become your own Post Office. Unlike in America, where there are postal ...

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Top 26 Hubs in Africa from AfriLabs

ActivSpaces ActivSpaces is an open collaboration space, innovation hub and startup incubator for African techies. Established in 2009, ActivSpaces was one of the earliest African coworking spaces to provide free and open access to members actively pursuing technology-based ventures. Based in Buea, ...

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Nairobi Is Africa's Most Intelligent City

For a second year in a row, Kenya's busy capital city of Nairobi has been named the most intelligent city in Africa -- failing, however, to make it to the world's top seven finalists. According to the Intelligent Community Forum, "intelligent ...

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2014 Breach Level Index -- Data Breaches Increased 49% to 1 billion Data Records

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, releases the latest findings of the Breach Level Index, revealing that (http://bit.ly/1zYLNVN) more than 1,500 data breaches led to one billion data records compromised worldwide during 2014. These numbers represent a 49% increase ...

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As part of its drive to deliver relevant and innovative mobile solutions in Africa, Bharti Airtel has announced the appointment of Willie Ellis as the Product and Innovation Director for Africa.  Willie brings over 16 years experience in telecommunications. Most recently, Willie was the Managing Executive responsible for New Product Development in Vodacom South Africa.   During the period, Willie was responsible for creating and leading IT & Billing, Products and Services, Technology Strategy, Architecture […]


If you an African institution, Fasmicro is available to help you setup a world class microelectronics chip design lab. We will be using the Cadence CAD platform under the Europractice. The fee is $10,000 per school site. This excludes cost of your hardware. We will train your students and staff on the use of Cadence and all the processes involved in chip design from schematic entry, layout, extraction and tapeout, and finally the testing of […]


Multi-Project Chip (MPC) or Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) services integrate onto microelectronics wafers a number of different integrated circuit designs from various teams including designs from private firms, students and researchers from universities. Because IC fabrication costs are extremely high, it makes sense to share mask and wafer resources to produce designs in low quantities. Worldwide, several MPW services are available from government-supported institutions or from private firms including MOSIS, CMP and Europractice.   CMP is […]


Recently, Jobberman, the obvious leading  job hunting brand in Nigeria sent an email announcing some partnerships. Please check the RHD sidebar of Tekedia.com to see that we have Tekedia Jobs. This is powered by the best team in career connection in Nigeria. So, as you come for your news and perspectives on Tekedia, you can check out what is happening in the labor market. In the spirit of promotion, we are adapting that email for […]

airtel soccer

South Delta Zone teams to Airtel Rising Stars Tournament topped teams from other part of the country by wining most medals at the Airtel Under 17 Tournament National Championship in Lagos   The zone which had its centre, Port Harcourt during the Airtel open camp, won five awards to emerge the team with most category medals at the finals of the tournament. Youngsters from across the country participated in the programme.   The categories include […]


  Jobberman is consistently pitching itself as the #1 job site in Nigeria. Tekedia cannot challenge that as far as we know, it is the most intuitive. We know they get most of their data from Alexa which shows they are the most ranked in the sector for Nigeria. We certainly have no problem with Alexa ranking except that it is a very primitive and useless technology that lacks any intelligence. And the world believes […]


Social commerce is not easy these days. Groupon, the leader of the sector, plans to go public in coming months, despite developing cold feet because of the crises in the market that continue to depress stocks. But after collecting millions of bucks and ramping up expenses across most corners of the globe, this company has no option. The more it waits, the more its sector becomes commoditized.   Social commerce works on using crowd to […]

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