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In a word or two The BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 feels good to use and is a far superior smartphone compared to the original Storm.     The Design The BlackBerry Storm 2 is the same size as its predecessor and has a 3.25 inch screen which is a normal touchscreen with inbuilt SurePress technology. This means you can scroll using your finger and then press the screen to select – it clicks when you [...]

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Enjoy these  ideas, originally posted in 2010, from Nkpuhe, the predecessor of Tekedia.   Point: The best way to measure economic recovery is to access the cost of global shipping containers over time (Nkuphe Intelligence) Lessons to Africa: There are very simple ways to access economic growth. Instead of using statistics developed during the industrial economy for the emerging knowledge economy, you can focus on simple things that are measurable. In the last six months, [...]


We have been trying how to save you time from going one site to the other. So, we decided to make a site that brings together top headlines under one platform. Visit News.Tekedia.com and enjoy 21 news sources within a site.   This is how it all began, we have 21 sources and we hope we have made a good decision. If you really need one site added, please email tekedia@fasmicro.com. We are here to [...]


Sony Ericsson stands as one of the most promising joint ventures the mobile industry has ever seen. This is why it is utterly disappointing to see the company having problems and setbacks. Still, despite the many problems, Sony Ericsson is still pushing forward with its innovative and future-thinking products. It is no surprise that they are still the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Individually, Sony Corporation and Ericsson are major companies that [...]


Leading telecommunications Services provider, Airtel Nigeria has officially kicked-off the search for the next football super-stars just as it has announced the commencement of open football camps in key cities across the South West and South-South parts of the country.   According to Airtel, the skill tests and regional contests of the Airtel Rising Stars football tournament will hold across eight locations in Nigeria, including Lagos, Gombe, Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Ibadan, Benin and Port Harcourt. [...]


Point: IMF lent about $45b to Turkey in 2001 during their crises. They followed up with the recommendations: cut spending, collect taxes effectively and sale assets . Turkey is alive today, with debts of 46% of GDP, down 80% in 2001   Lessons to Africa: The reason why many efforts from World Bank and IMF do not work is simple: corruption. When you put that variable in the plan, you distort the process and bad [...]


Disruptive and breakthrough technologies are part of a nonlinear life cycle process of technology adoption and diffusion affecting positively human progress and influencing human behavior.   In productive and competitive organizational settings, incremental and radical technological changes reengineer the productivity paradigm shift. It contributes to end existing pro-active inertia of current or past “business as usual “successes.   Outside an organization, the emergence of a new productivity shift disrupts existing market environment and contributes to [...]

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