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Africa’s Maker Movement Offers Opportunity for Growth - Ndubuisi Ekekwe - Harvard Business Review

In a glittering ceremony in Skhirat, Morocco, three African innovators emerged as winners in the annual Innovation Prize for Africa competition. The African Innovation Foundation, which organizes the event, focuses on identifying homegrown and scalable innovations that address local problems ...

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African Organisations Should Focus On The Following Areas to Boost HR Performance

Businesses across major African economies such as Kenya and Nigeria are coming under increasing pressure to align their strategies for retaining talent, compensating employees and engaging with their workforces with good international practices.   That’s according to Gerhard Hartman, Head of Department ...

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Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2015 Winners

In a glittering ceremony hosted by the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy in Skhirat, Morocco, researcher Adnane Remmal was announced winner of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2015 ...

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Savannah Fund’s First Bitcoin-Related Investment Is BitFinance of Zimbabwe

The fourth Savannah Fund accelerator class is underway. BitFinance, a bitcoin exchange in Zimbabwe, is one of four startups selected from a list of over 150 applications from across Africa. They will receive a seed fund of between $25K and ...

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Accountancy Pprofession Vital to African Economic Confidence

ICAEW, a world leader in the accountancy and finance profession, will address an audience of over 1500 accountancy and finance delegates from across Africa at the 3rd biennial congress. Hosted by the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) and the ...

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MTN I billion

It is Nigeria’s biggest reward ever! So big that many people are fasting and having prayer sessions on it. You have dreams and MTN could be the way to make them come through. People, the deal goes on!   Now your BIG dreams come true. 10 lucky people will win N10 million each every 19 days 900 lucky people will win N100, 000 each 10 Million Naira instant cash prizes How to Win Register your […]

siri-iphone-4s-630w apple iphone siri

The verdict is here – many like Siri. And a global market research firm, IHS iSuppli, sees no cause for an iPhone forecast downgrade, given Apple’s shrewd choices of features for the 4S. One feature that appears to have been overlooked is the inclusion of Siri, an exclusive for the iPhone 4S. Apple describes Siri as an intelligent assistant that can answer questions issued in natural language voice commands.   “Apple once again is pioneering […]


Co-creation Hub Nigeria on Thursday 6th of October, 2011 had a session with the World Bank representatives for a new project World Bank plans to fund in Nigeria. They asked for apps developers in Nigeria to attend a kind of an informational on this project. Fasmicro, a leader in apps development in the region was there. Below is an executive summary by our team that attended. Fasmicro is the parent company of Tekedia.   The […]

Google Nigeria

Few days ago when Google unveiled the Kenyan youtube  with Swahili interface, we noted that Nigerian version was coming. They usually try the ideas in Kenya and then scale across the continent.   We are very excited to announce the launch of http://www.youtube.co.ke, a Kenyan version of YouTube. The goal is to give Kenyans an easy way to discover local content and content producers. This means that when users visit the Kenyan domain, they will […]


Forbes released her Best Countries for Business on Oct 3,2011. Of interest was Nigeria’s ranking. A dismal number 101.  Yet, it seems that Forbes is ill-informed about Nigeria with comments like this “Oil-rich Nigeria has been hobbled by political instability, corruption, inadequate infrastructure, and poor macroeconomic management but in 2008 began pursuing economic reforms.”. There is no political instability just as there is none in U.S. – it is democracy and they need not remember […]


We’re so excited to welcome you to Mocality, Africa’s largest mobile business directory in the making, says a welcome message on the Mocality website. Notice in the “making”. And they  have  selected Lagos with its vibrant market and energetic people as the very first location to launch this amazing service in Nigeria. Awesome. This is a South Africa company moving out of its domain to other African markets.   Mocality is a business directory designed […]


SecondMarket is trading SecondMarket in SecondMarket; this was contained in an email to SecondMarket traders which is also available here.  This was contained as part of their Q3 business update to people that have hearts to trade Twitter, Facebook, Zynga and more before they see the light of the day in the public exchange.   We’ve spent the past couple of years helping private companies develop liquidity programs for their shareholders. Our company-controlled model, which […]

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