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Simple Technology that Makes Any Business More Efficient

There have been so many new technologies to sweep the business world over the past few years. Every business feels obligated to have the latest and best of all these new technologies. Many businesses fear that they will become obsolete ...

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The Best Ways to Build Brand Recognition with Technology

Brand recognition is essential for any business. Businesses need to have the general public recognize their brand and logo and understand the message that comes with that brand. This is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks that ...

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The Pros and Cons of Having Personal Technology in the Office

The Pros and Cons of Having Personal Technology in the Office Everyone never leaves the house with at least a few things. For most people, it is keys, wallet, and mobile phone. It is true that almost everyone has their mobile ...

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Towards A Business Model For Funding African Startups – 2 Years Later

Towards A Business Model For Funding African Startups – 2 Years Later[i]  Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   Editor’s Note: This article which is also available here (PDF) is exclusive for Tekedia. While you can link it from your platforms, do not copy verbatim. Contact Tekedia ...

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Buhari vs Jonathan: Beyond The Election By Chukwuma Charles Soludo

by Chukwuma Soludo, former Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria     Indeed to preface this article with a few clarifications. I have taken a long sabbatical leave from partisan politics, and it is real fun watching the drama from the balcony.  Having had ...

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Few months ago, I read a report that developing nations have more entrepreneurs than developed ones, per every 1000 citizens. Those findings are believable if you include the artisans and subsistence farmers.  When people become entrepreneurs because they have no other alternative to survive, I may not necessarily call it the best move. I will prefer entrepreneurs that got into building companies because they have a mission for the society.  It is very ridiculous to […]


FTS, a global provider of billing, customer care and policy control solutions for communications and content service providers has  announced that Mobitel Nigeria has deployed its FTS express™ solution to provide a telecom billing platform that can support Mobitel as it grows its customer base.   Mobitel is a wireless and wireline communication services provider, which has the goal of becoming Africa’s most successful 4G network. The company offers a comprehensive range of services by […]


Radical.FM, Inc. has nnounced today that it has integrated its streaming music services Radical.FM and Radical Indie  with the popular social network Facebook™. Radical combines passive Stations (like Pandora™), active Playlists (like Spotify™ & Rhapsody™), and social RadCast™ (like Turntable.FM™).   Radical.FM presents a complete music delivery service, with unique features and controls. My Stations™ was inspired by audio mixing boards and terrestrial radio programming practices. Unlike others, Radical Stations do not “guess” what listeners […]


GetH2O, a mobile phone game co-created with designers in Kenya and the Netherlands is reaching 20 countries worldwide online and offline. The GetH2O game is a serious and fun game about community development and conflict prevention and is being promoted in 4 African countries online and offline for International Peace Day, today, on the 21 of September 2011.     Gamers in Nairobi, Kampala, Johannesburg and Amsterdam will be playing the GetH2O game and exchanging […]


This is fascinating – very soon, you can make your own video game for Sony PlayStation. That is a new direction of keeping content developers in the ecosystem of Sony. Why not? If you can make apps for your BlackBerry, iPad, etc, why not do games for your PlayStation. Below is an adapted press release from this legendary company, on announcing this SDK (software development kit) release.   Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has announced […]


HTC has announced the HTC Rhyme, the phone that was formerly known as the HTC Bliss. Everything we knew about the Rhyme has been confirmed in the press release below. In the U.S., the HTC Rhyme will launch exclusively with Verizon Wireless on September 29 and in October, it will go global. Find below the full press release, from  HTC.   HTC UNVEILS HTC RHYME™, AN ELEGANT NEW PHONE EXPERIENCE HTC Rhyme integrates sleek new […]

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In an email communication yesterday, Facebook informed many of its users that it would be reducing the amount of email communication they get. Tekedia thinks this is certainly the right move. The Birthday reminder, the party information, and the whole avalanche of flooding was making Facebook an unavoidable pest.   It is nice they figured this out before a lot of people get annoyed with them. Before is an adapted portion of a  communication we […]

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