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The Best Integrated Campaign Tool To Win Elections In Nigeria

Milonics Citizen is an integrated data platform that sources and tracks voters for a political campaign in Nigeria. It provides a web app interface that is hardware agnostic which enables it to run in any mobile device or computer. From ...

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50% Of The World Will Be Online By 2017

Over 50% of the global population will have Internet access within three years’ time, with mobile broadband over smartphones and tablets now the fastest growing technology in human history, according to the 2014 edition of the State of Broadband report.   Released today in ...

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Orange Launches Start-up Accelerator Programme in Ivory Coast

With “Orange Fab Ivory Coast”, Orange’s network of start-up accelerators is now present on four continents.  The programme, which is a pillar of the Group's open innovation approach, reflects the determination of Orange to support the new digital players and help ...

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Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction

Convertible Notes 101: An Introduction [i] Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   We started discussing term sheets sometime ago. If you missed those discussions you should consider reading the previous posts titled “The Anatomy of A Term Sheet” before you read this one.   Today we ...

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Starting Business in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Out

Top Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Start a Business in Nigeria andthe Way Out Starting up a business in Nigeria can be very tough if the accurate strides and knowledge about the business is picked up before starting or investing ...

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Apple has an interesting history of hits and misses in its models since it began operating as a back of the garage computer manufacturing firm in the 70s. This reflects the inventor personality of chief geek Steve Wozniak, who hand built the first units of apple computers in his garage and on loan from suppliers. However, as apple branched into mobile device production, it somewhat lose its inventor complexes and shifted to a more business […]


This is turning into a monopoly. Google wants to dominate the world of online. They have unveiled a new service in Kenya which will enable Kenyan companies online withe easy. It is named Getting Kenyan Businesses Online. This is how the Internet giant explained it:   Getting Kenyan Businesses Online is a movement to change the perceptions about and break down the barriers for small and medium businesses getting online in Kenya.   One of […]


  Whenever I sit to ponder how engineers have made life more comfortable for us than our prehistoric ancestors, I begin to wonder if the world will ever pay them enough. I remember when I graduated from high school and how much I struggled with choosing a career. The battle was between medicine and engineering. Fortunately, my passion for engineering won. Many youths around the globe today are in such dilemma and may need the […]


The Apple corporate culture has been constantly changing with the changes in its CEOs in the past. But originally, the Apple culture is not that of the typical 70′s company that is riddled with corporate rigidities. Thus, stiffness and regulation is just not on the list of policies that are set in place.   This somehow reflects the casual and free atmosphere in the Apple headquarters. Apple is also very permissive in terms of dress […]


  Nigeria is becoming a central pivotal place for many companies and different businesses.  Many firms are signing partnerships and alliances with Nigerian companies. One just arrived on Digital Marketing. The business of digital marketing is getting crowded, yet, the industry has a lot of room to grow in a developing nation like Nigeria.   Web Liquid Group  is partnering with Naija Times and Phillips Consulting (the largest wholly owned African Management Consulting firm) to […]


We express our appreciation to all our members whose commitment ensures that the Nigeria Computer Society is still standing today. Special thanks will also naturally go to those men and women whose votes and confidence placed us in your presence today as the President of the NCS. It remains for all of us to keep the faith.   It would be most improper to go further without thanking the founding fathers of this great society. […]


When Globacom which has surpassed Airtel to become the second national operator in Nigeria introduced a reward for its subscribers to register their SIM cards in the network, Nigerians took the opportunity. The first batch of reward has ended and they just announced the draw.   There are  a total of 36 people that won; some will get N1m, others go for free trips in Manchester, UK or Dubai. Globacom noted that 17 won in […]

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