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Improving Innovation in Africa - Harvard Business Review - Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Opportunity is on the rise in Africa. New research, funded by the Tony Elumelu Foundation and conducted by my team at the African Institution of Technology, shows that within Africa, innovation is accelerating and the continent is finding better ways ...

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Jumia Had $32M Loses in 2014, Revenue was $28M

People, be ready for the long-haul if you are going into the e-commerce sector. It demands a lot of efforts and money. You need to build logistics and become your own Post Office. Unlike in America, where there are postal ...

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Top 26 Hubs in Africa from AfriLabs

ActivSpaces ActivSpaces is an open collaboration space, innovation hub and startup incubator for African techies. Established in 2009, ActivSpaces was one of the earliest African coworking spaces to provide free and open access to members actively pursuing technology-based ventures. Based in Buea, ...

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Nairobi Is Africa's Most Intelligent City

For a second year in a row, Kenya's busy capital city of Nairobi has been named the most intelligent city in Africa -- failing, however, to make it to the world's top seven finalists. According to the Intelligent Community Forum, "intelligent ...

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2014 Breach Level Index -- Data Breaches Increased 49% to 1 billion Data Records

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, releases the latest findings of the Breach Level Index, revealing that (http://bit.ly/1zYLNVN) more than 1,500 data breaches led to one billion data records compromised worldwide during 2014. These numbers represent a 49% increase ...

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  Greenlife Pharmaceuticals primary business focus is on the healthcare delivery. The company has the vision of “being a vanguard of healthy living and a choice companion to all her publics”. This company has over time introduced some pharmaceutical products of various theraphutical segments which has become brand leaders into the Nigerian markets viz: Anti-Malarials, Anti-Infectives, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Helminthes, Anti-Hypertensive, Laxatives, Multivitamins among others.   At present the company has over seventy Five (75) NAFDAC registered […]


Driven by the aggressive implementation of vehicle safety and pollution mandates, China has emerged as the world’s fastest-growing country for sales of automotive microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), according to a new IHS iSuppli f from information and analysis provider IHS .   China’s automotive MEMS market is expected to expand to $387.9 million in 2015, up from $194.3 million in 2010, as shown in the figure below. This equates to a five-year compound annual growth rate […]


Intel Corp. has noted that its fifth university research center will be based at the University of Washington and focus on pervasive computing research for delivering technologies that offer a richer, more personalized experience to consumers of the future. Intel, we are still expecting one center for Africa.   The ISTC for pervasive computing will develop three concept applications: Mobile Health and Wellbeing: To improve physical and emotional wellbeing, the center will explore developing technologies […]


  The new book has been completed and delivered to the publisher. For more, visit here. The book is divided into four sections: disruptive technology, innovation global redesign and implications. More will come as it nears Feb 2012 for publication.   Description In the last few years, most parts of the world have morphed into an electronically interdependent economic unit where a disruption in one marketplace affects the others. New technologies have emerged, transforming the […]


The latest Global Competitiveness Index for 2011-2012, published by the World Economic Forum, shows that Nigeria could not make the top 10 in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa’s ten most competitive countries are:   1. South Africa 2011-2012 overall ranking: 50 2010-2011 overall ranking: 54 2. Mauritius 2011-2012 overall ranking: 54 2010-2011 overall ranking: 55 3. Rwanda 2011-2012 overall ranking: 70 2010-2011 overall ranking: 80 4. Botswana 2011-2012 overall ranking: 80 2010-2011 overall ranking: 76 5. […]


Sproxil, a U.S.-based company that provides world-class brand protection in emerging markets through software and services that work anywhere there are mobile phones,  today announced the establishment of an alliance with Greenlife Pharmaceutical Limited, a Nigeria-based distributor for prescription medications, and Bliss GVS Pharma Limited, an India-based pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Providing protection for the popular anti-malarial drug LONART, the partnership marks Sproxil’s first cross-national collaboration between India and Nigeria, allowing Nigerians to verify the authenticity […]


As I was concluding my latest book which will be out early next year, I came into direct experience with DropBox.  I needed to share files with my publisher and they recommended DropBox. All of a sudden, I saw myself working with someone separated by hundreds of miles in the same folder, on my PC. It was unbelievable. That was the first time I used that product.   Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service […]

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