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Detailed Breakdown Of 2014 Nigerian Budget With Graphs

This is the 2014 Federal Government budget since  approved by the National Assembly and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan. Out of a total budget of N4.962 trillion, the allocation to the defence sector took about 20 per cent, totalling N968.127 ...

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The Most Lucrative Tech Sector Emerging In Africa For Investors

There are many promising technology sectors in Africa right now. The market is still very young but it has a lot of growth ahead of it. From our travels around the continent, we have noted that some sectors are ripe ...

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The Most Important And Most Profitable Startup In Nigeria For Investors To Put Money

The startup ecosystem in Nigeria is very noisy. Some have become lords purely because of the amount of money they raised.  They have neither built nor exited any company. They just raised capital and they party, publicly. From Forbes to ...

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[In Stock] Order Altera Cyclone II Starter Kit For Your FPGA Projects In Nigeria

The purpose of the Altera DE1 Development and Education board is to provide the ideal vehicle for advanced design prototyping in the multimedia, storage, and networking.   It uses the state-of-the-art technology in both hardware and CAD tools to expose designers to ...

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The Top 200 Local And International Investors In Africa

How do you know people that are writing cheques and closing deals in a region? You either belong to the club of those writing the cheques or you are among those looking for the cheques. We have played both roles. ...

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Have you ever needed to find an Mpesa Agent, ATM or Bank Branch near you? Guess what? With CrowdPesa it takes less than 20 seconds to find any of these locations near you. CrowdPesa is a Mobile application that allows users to find the location of a Bank, ATM or Mpesa Agent in Kenya.   The Application has been developed for Mobile, Web and Symbian platforms. Crowdpesa has about 5,000 verified entries of mobile money […]


The highly respected global market research company, IDC, in a new report shows that service providers are reporting increasing enterprise activity in establishing mobile initiatives for a variety of horizontal- and industry-specific B2B, B2E, and B2C applications. As such, third parties are stepping up their mobile application life-cycle investments to meet the demand for mobile applications.   The study analyzed the mobility services market and reviewed vendor investments in infrastructure and mobile IP (across 14 […]


The good people of ccHub Nigeria which want to make us fly in the world of technology are launching one really hot startup, BudgIT. They are inviting folks at the all inviting ccHub Lagos. In an email which Tekedia received, the event will be on Sept 12, 2011.  We visited the site of this new startup and just noted that Universal Basic Education gets less than half what the National Assembly gets in statutory transfers. […]


This is a very short letter from Segun Ogunlana, the Segunpreneur, which we received via email.   Dear Entrepreneur,   It’s worth thinking about whether there’s a space or category that your brand can try to own. Although we preach Afripreneurship (African-Entrepreneurship), but a world class example is the Playboy brand, that has included a focus on games and gaming, because it makes sense for their brand.     “For example, in addition to the […]


  Hello readers,   We apologize for the editorial mistake. The name of the person is Fashola, not Tinubu. The picture clearly showed Fashola. We received some emails and we apologize for that error. The piece is updated here.   Tekedia Editors


Best Mobile Contracts reports from a report by Pocket Now about a leak on possible name and design of the first mobile phone that Nokia will build on Windows 7. Enjoy the drama here, until we see the gizmo in the market. Expect this regularly!   An image has emerged recently of the branding of what could very well be the first Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia, along with a just-legible name: the ‘Nokia […]

AD placers

AD Placers will be holding an event this event as they ramp up for more platforms to distribute their contents in Nigeria. This is an email invitation Tekedia received; you need to attend this event as any revenue counts.   You are invited to the launch event of AdPlacers.com which will be held at Browns Café, 15B Sasegbon Street, off Oduduwa Crescent Ikeja GRA on September 15, 2011 (10 am). The event would offer Advertisers […]

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