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tech culture

I was wondering if there is any connection between technology and culture, and finally I realized, there is! The kind of connection I’m talking about is not the culture that affects brands and sales, like the tech culture that has made the smart phones and tablets a multi-billion dollar business, but I’m referring to the culture that makes it possible to create smart phones, tablets, and cutting edge technology.   When technology is mentioned, some [...]

sensors and accelerometers

An accelerometer is a device that measures the vibration or acceleration of motion of a structure (change in speed of anything that it is mounted on).It is an electromechanical device that measures acceleration forces which may be static, like the constant force of gravity pulling at our feet, or they could be dynamic could be caused by moving or vibrating the accelerometer. Accelerometer is one of the most common inertial sensors, a dynamic sensor capable of a vast [...]

innoson motors nnewi nigeria

Ford and  Toyota are hitching for Hybrids. We think Innoson Motors Nigeria should join them. Innoson is an Nnewi based car manufacturing company that makes good SUVs just as Toyota does the same. They sell nice cars at affordable rates. This is what we have to say about Innoson few months ago.   This is someone trying something Nigeria’s Peugeot Automobile of Nigeria (PAN) did and failed.  IVM introduces automotive products from China, Japan and [...]

facebook logo

Few weeks ago, we predicted that Facebook’s best days are behind it. The fact is no one can do one thing, no matter how VERY well, and survive in this global economy. Facebook business model is still viable. But it needs to broaden its products and services to remain competitive.   Tekedia reports our lack of passion for Facebook ads. They are docile and come to people that really never have a desire for them. [...]

manchester united

It is a rumor but it is a likely one to make it to the day. Manchester United is a hot brand in Asia and there is a real reason to believe they will list their stocks in the Singapore’s stock exchange. They hope to sell 30% of the iconic UK football team for $1billion. That means ManU, as it is popularly called, is worth less than $4billion. Really?   Asia is ManU biggest fan [...]


France is broken, literally. It has to cut $17 billion in budget deficit, but the revenue is nowhere to be found. But it may not have to worry that much. After Warren Buffet made his famous call for the uber-rich to pay more taxes to help clean  U.S. balance sheet, it seems the French people read the piece more than the Americans.   Mr. Buffet is still waiting for government to give him a new [...]


Introduction In recent years, the promotion of entrepreneurship as a revolution to solving numerous economic and social challenges facing developing countries has attracted significant attention by policy makers and the academia. Notwithstanding the attention that has been given, little has been done in trying to empower entrepreneurs in practice other than what is written down. The introduction of innovation and new products and services by entrepreneurs thrives in an environment where governments create the enabling [...]

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