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Detailed Breakdown Of 2014 Nigerian Budget With Graphs

This is the 2014 Federal Government budget since  approved by the National Assembly and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan. Out of a total budget of N4.962 trillion, the allocation to the defence sector took about 20 per cent, totalling N968.127 ...

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The Most Lucrative Tech Sector Emerging In Africa For Investors

There are many promising technology sectors in Africa right now. The market is still very young but it has a lot of growth ahead of it. From our travels around the continent, we have noted that some sectors are ripe ...

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The Most Important And Most Profitable Startup In Nigeria For Investors To Put Money

The startup ecosystem in Nigeria is very noisy. Some have become lords purely because of the amount of money they raised.  They have neither built nor exited any company. They just raised capital and they party, publicly. From Forbes to ...

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[In Stock] Order Altera Cyclone II Starter Kit For Your FPGA Projects In Nigeria

The purpose of the Altera DE1 Development and Education board is to provide the ideal vehicle for advanced design prototyping in the multimedia, storage, and networking.   It uses the state-of-the-art technology in both hardware and CAD tools to expose designers to ...

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The Top 200 Local And International Investors In Africa

How do you know people that are writing cheques and closing deals in a region? You either belong to the club of those writing the cheques or you are among those looking for the cheques. We have played both roles. ...

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The dealer channel has seen its fair share of market shifts over the past five years, and these changes continue to this day. InfoTrends’ analysis of the dealer channel makes it possible to identify the trends that are continually reshaping the market. Respondents to the Web survey were asked to address plans and initiatives for hardware, software, and supplies (including aftermarket products).   Dealers who purchased third-party supplies were asked how they typically obtained these […]


Mobile Monday Kenya has the lists of all the companies/apps that made the cut for AppCircus Nairobi.   So here below are the top 12 submitted apps that will have the chance to pitch in front of the professional jury and win a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards 2012, which are held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: CrowdPesa.com Hewa Empathy 3GINNOVATORS NikoHapa Mobile App iRelief MEDKenya WordPower MsemaKweli M-Shop Symptom Tracker Personal […]


This is from Google official blog   “Did you know there’s a place in Menlo Park near the Safeway that has a 27 food rating?” one of my friends asked me that about two years ago, and I was struck because I immediately knew what it meant. Food rating… 30 point scale… Zagat. And the place… had to be good. With no other context, I instantly recognized and trusted Zagat’s review and recommendation.   So, […]


App system that will enable willing blood donors respond to appeals of the people in need of donors.A user installs the app on their Android phone and registers his personal details. The person’s details will be stored in the Empathy server. Once registered, whenever another empathy user puts out an appeal for blood donors every user who matches the blood type will receive a notification.   The empathy user will have an option responding affirmatively […]

oil rig

CAMAC Energy Inc., a U.S.- based energy company engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas, today announced the appointments of Babatunde (“Segun”) Omidele as Senior Vice President, Business Development and New Ventures.   Mr. Omidele joins CAMAC Energy having previously served as Senior Vice President, Exploration and Production, for CAMAC International Corporation (“CIC”) since October 2008, and Managing Director of its affiliate, Allied Energy Plc (Nigeria) (“Allied”) since February 2009.   […]


Swahili for ‘air’ or slang for ‘music’, Hewa, is a cloud-based, mobile music marketing and distribution platform for Kenyan artists and record labels to sell their music online while providing Kenyan music lovers with easy access to local music while on the go.   Hewa makes it easy for you to find and buy local Kenyan music via your mobile phone, tablet or computer using either the everywhere-on-demand or pay-and-download music service models. You will […]


Have you ever needed to find an Mpesa Agent, ATM or Bank Branch near you? Guess what? With CrowdPesa it takes less than 20 seconds to find any of these locations near you. CrowdPesa is a Mobile application that allows users to find the location of a Bank, ATM or Mpesa Agent in Kenya.   The Application has been developed for Mobile, Web and Symbian platforms. Crowdpesa has about 5,000 verified entries of mobile money […]

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