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Register for Angel Investor Bootcamp in Lagos (July 31st)

In lead to the 2nd annual Angel Investor Summit (september 23rd, Lagos) , ABAN will facilitate a Series of Angel Investor Bootcamps to help mobilise the African Angel investing community. The Bootcamps are organised with the support of the US ...

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CNBC Quotes Ndubuisi Ekekwe in an Article

When investors think of putting their money abroad, especially in conflict-ridden regions of the world, they have to factor big risks against possibly big returns. Nowhere is that more true than in Africa, and as President Barack Obama tours Kenya ...

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Follow This Link for Intel Developer Day Nigeria Registration

Intel Nigeria has a free developer day where you can learn so many things on design and development.   To register for this event, FREE, click this link.      

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NEC Invests in XON To Accelerate Regional African growth

NEC Europe , a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation , has invested in XON, the sub-Sahara African ICT group, and the two organisations will have an integrated market approach that will combine their local expertise in the region to ...

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Search for 54 of Africa's Top Young Science and Technology Ambassadors Begins

The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) has launched the search for fifty-four of Africa's top young science and technology ambassadors, one from each African country. The selected NEF Ambassadors will join the NEF Fellows Class as young science and technology champions ...

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It is no more a new discovery that most cars are computers. Yes, 3000 pound machines that are electronics and computer gizmos. Hackers have taken notice and are affect them. While you used to worry about your bank account, now you need to worry about your safety on the wheel as bad guys are figuring how to take over your engine, even when you are driving the car.   Though the auto industry is designing […]

dish network

It seems these days, Netflix cannot get a break. It is getting competition from all areas as we noted here. Dish Network, the pay-TV provider is working to transform itself to a wireless mobile video company, according to Bloomberg. This means this company can challenge the traditional cable rivals as well as Netflix. More reasons the Netflix investors should be worried.   The company has spent about $3 billion on acquisitions as it prepares to […]

siri-iphone-4s-630w apple iphone siri

We think we have two major reasons why the new iPhone 4S has “S” in the name.  One was explained with the new processor which it has. While the physical design of the iPhone 4S remains the same as that of the iPhone 4 the phone has had a significant increase in speed. This is what the “S” stands for in the name. That means that “S” stands for “Speed”. The A5 processor is faster […]


China is the king of solar panel business. They are making many solar panels and have helped to crash the prices across the globe.   Their success in the solar panel business has basically disrupted the solar thermal installations sector. The latter makes electricity through bouncing sunlight off mirrors to boil water, creating steam that drives turbines.   The cost of the solar panels, albeit the photovoltaic cells, is far competitive when compared to the […]

linux market share

Since its development in the early 90s, Linux had been relegated to a fairly marginal place in the world of computers. Making up only a tiny sliver of market share on home computers every year, Linux’s image became one of geekdom at its most pure – a tiny but fervent community of dedicated computer nerds obsessed with customization and open source code. While the community thrived, and newer, better iterations of the OS were turned […]


Chinese firms these days are getting very bold and ambitious. One of them is ZTE which has huge plans for expansion. China’s ZTE Corp. is hoping by 2015 to become one of the world’s Top 3 players in the next-generation 4G wireless technology known as Long Term Evolution, ac­cording to an IHS iSuppli.  Revenue for ZTE in the ?rst half of this year reached $5.8 billion, up a solid 28.6 percent from $4.5 billion the […]

standard bank

Standard Bank, a leading emerging markets bank and holding company of Stanbic IBTC Bank has reaffirmed its commitment to Nigeria.     Rising from its week-long Group Board Meeting held in Lagos Nigeria, its Chairman Mr. Fred Phaswana, stated that Nigeria’s potential for growth and development is immense. “Nigeria’s economic vibrancy is impressive, reflected in the economic growth Nigeria continues to record.” Holding its global board meeting alongside its strategy deliberations in Nigeria, is a […]

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