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Cybersecurity Consulting in Nigeria - Milonics Analytics

Cybersecurity Consulting Milonics Analytics cybersecurity consulting practice provides IT security consulting services and solutions. We offer a full range of cybersecurity services and enterprise IT security consulting and implementation on both a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis. Areas we ...

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Milonics Citizen – An Integrated Campaign Tool for Nigeria

Milonics Citizen – An Integrated Campaign Tool for Nigeria Milonics Citizen is an integrated data platform that sources and tracks voters for a political campaign in Nigeria. It provides a web app interface that is hardware agnostic which enables it to ...

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Fasmicro Creating Circuit Innovations In Nigeria

We design integrated circuits (microchips) and embedded tools optimized for African users Fasmicro >> We are Enginers

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[Apply] Total And Wennovation Hub To Hold Hackathon

Total Nigeria Plc and Wennovation Hub have announced the launch of the first edition of Total-Wennovation Hack. The Hackathon has the objective of harnessing innovative technological solutions to pre-defined problem statements, with the ultimate goal of improving business productivity and ...

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Revisiting What I Know About Network Effects And Startups

The recently announced IPO of Alibaba got me thinking last week about network effects1 – what they are, how they develop and evolve, and how network effects can help or hurt a startup.   That is something I think about a lot, practically every ...

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The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) is the apex body of computer software and related services industry in Nigeria growth of the software-driven IT industry in Nigeria. It was formed in 1999 with the primary objective of being a catalyst for the growth of the software-driven IT industry in Nigeria. It was specifically set up to facilitate business and trade in software and related services and to encourage the advancement of research in […]


The two persons behind Research in Motion, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie are credited to be responsible for bringing the BlackBerry to the market and into our lives.   Balsillie serves as Chairman of RIM and co – chief executive officer. He is primarily responsible for the financial side of RIM’s operations. Born to a working class family in Seaforth, Ontario Canada, Balsilie has been seen to be keen on business and athletics as a […]


An analyst at MobileTrax has offered some suggestions to the new Apple boss, Tim Cook – the guy that took over when Steve Jobs left the podium. Dr. Purdy has these ideas to help the man whose vision and leadership will be closely watched as Apple is not just a Tech juggernaut, but also the world’s most valuable company. Tekedia summarizes the points below; we like the idea of making some acquisitions as Apple is […]


Have you visited the website of ISPON that always blows grammar on TV and radio, preaching software development? ISPON website is simply a joke for what they claim they are. Up till today, they have not updated their copyright dates from 2006 to 2011. The section of the press release is so user unfriendly that no one will really care to engage them if they are advertising a product or service. That section must not […]


The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) has finalized arrangements to stage the First National Software Competition billed to take place in Calabar, Cross River State – in what perhaps, can be classified as the greatest IT-Quest and knowledge encounter of the year.   For the past one year, ISPON National Executive Council had been busy laying the ground work for the Big-Event. Following extensive interactions with university students and the leadership of National […]


Intel revealed more details about the planned successors for its current-generation SandyBridge processors at its Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco recently. Coming in the second quarter of 2012 will be IvyBridge, a 22nm die-shrink “tick” to SandyBridge’s “toick.” IvyBridge will benefit from Intel’s new 3D tri-gate transistor technology, offering as much as a 37 percent power efficiency improvement along with what looks like serious integrated graphics improvements. Following that in 2013 will be the […]

global economy

Daily, we have become accustomed to reading about the many challenges America faces as a nation. It has unemployment problems, runaway federal deficit, real estate depression, health care crises and senior citizens that live longer. Yes, many see people living longer as a problem because we still operate industrial age economics with its archaic retirement system for a knowledge century.   Accordingly, when we look at what it will take to care for retirees over […]

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