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Experts on Cybersecurity in Africa

As internet penetration continues to advance in Africa, so are the perils that come with the increased degree of digital connectivity – cyber crime. However, most organizations lack both proper security plans and trained in-house staff to counter or quickly ...

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910 Million Mobile Subscriptions in Africa

With smartphone penetration ramping up across Africa, the continent’s businesses have an opportunity to use mobile technology to become more efficient, productive, and responsive in the way they do business.   According to the Ericsson Mobility Report for 2015 (http://www.apo.af/uwS8Ft), there were ...

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Top Security Tips for African e-Consumers

With Africa experiencing an e-Commerce revolution, more and more African consumers are looking for ways to protect themselves against scammers. According to Cristobal Alonso, CEO of MOBOfree.com  "African consumers need to adopt some key habits in order to avoid fraudsters."   Tips ...

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Africa’s Maker Movement Offers Opportunity for Growth - Ndubuisi Ekekwe - Harvard Business Review

In a glittering ceremony in Skhirat, Morocco, three African innovators emerged as winners in the annual Innovation Prize for Africa competition. The African Innovation Foundation, which organizes the event, focuses on identifying homegrown and scalable innovations that address local problems ...

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African Organisations Should Focus On The Following Areas to Boost HR Performance

Businesses across major African economies such as Kenya and Nigeria are coming under increasing pressure to align their strategies for retaining talent, compensating employees and engaging with their workforces with good international practices.   That’s according to Gerhard Hartman, Head of Department ...

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 You must have heard? Can it be really true? Yes it is. Then spread the word that Giglinke is running a totally free pass to various services for the next one month. Free advertising for your events and brands, free Listings and publicity services for your events, free advert slots, free news updates for your entertainment news, free access to e-ticketing services, free SMS bundles for the first 50 users to ask nicely… at Giglinke, […]


The 2011 Apps4Africa: Climate Challenge builds on the success of the 2010 Apps4Africa: Civic Challenge in which civil society leaders  challenged software developers to find innovative technological solutions to everyday problems on issues ranging from transparency and governance to health and education.   The 2011 competition begins in Western and Central Africa in September, with Eastern and Southern Africa to follow. Winners will receive prizes, including cash awards. Challenge partners, including  TED Conferences and  Indigo […]


This infographic presents how texting is changing the world of communication and mobility.  It presents some nice statistics which include that there are 4.2 billion texters worldwide, texting is the most used data service in the world, 6.1 trillion texts were sent worldwide, etc. As you read through, you will read the obvious – there are more cellphone users than bank account owners, and African nations are used as examples.   Please click the link […]


World-class delivery organizations harness the collective promise of Agile, composite and cloud development by seeing each in the context of the other. These organizations maximize the shared opportunities and minimize what could otherwise become hostilities among the initiatives. In this way, each initiative amplifies the value of the others. Modern delivery initiatives are changing the creation of enterprise apps.   Consider some examples of how these harmonies might be achieved:   Harmony between composite and […]


The federal government of Nigeria launched Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (You WiN!). Programme to help young people with innovative ideas to get funding and mentorship. The program is between 3 ministries; Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Communication Technology (CT), and the Ministry of Youth Development. The application has opened and will close on the 4th of November this year.   It’s a business plan assessment competition; experts are drawn from the private […]


Do you own and entertainment centre? Do you own, promote or manage a Bar, Nightclub, Lounge or places where your clientele patronages are as important as your profits? If yes, do you look to expand your target and get more people to love your services and what you can do for them? You are not alone as there are many people out there in your field but you can have your market and keep them […]


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