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910 Million Mobile Subscriptions in Africa

With smartphone penetration ramping up across Africa, the continent’s businesses have an opportunity to use mobile technology to become more efficient, productive, and responsive in the way they do business.   According to the Ericsson Mobility Report for 2015 (http://www.apo.af/uwS8Ft), there were ...

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Top Security Tips for African e-Consumers

With Africa experiencing an e-Commerce revolution, more and more African consumers are looking for ways to protect themselves against scammers. According to Cristobal Alonso, CEO of MOBOfree.com  "African consumers need to adopt some key habits in order to avoid fraudsters."   Tips ...

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Africa’s Maker Movement Offers Opportunity for Growth - Ndubuisi Ekekwe - Harvard Business Review

In a glittering ceremony in Skhirat, Morocco, three African innovators emerged as winners in the annual Innovation Prize for Africa competition. The African Innovation Foundation, which organizes the event, focuses on identifying homegrown and scalable innovations that address local problems ...

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African Organisations Should Focus On The Following Areas to Boost HR Performance

Businesses across major African economies such as Kenya and Nigeria are coming under increasing pressure to align their strategies for retaining talent, compensating employees and engaging with their workforces with good international practices.   That’s according to Gerhard Hartman, Head of Department ...

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Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2015 Winners

In a glittering ceremony hosted by the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy in Skhirat, Morocco, researcher Adnane Remmal was announced winner of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2015 ...

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2014 was expected to be a tough fight for the global mining industry with commodity prices down and short-term volatility increasing. The initial scorecard for the largest 40 miners was mixed and now the gloves are off for the industry with widespread government intervention, internal industry conflicts and rising shareholder activism, according to PwC’s annual Mine report released today.   According to a new analysis of the 40 largest global miners from PwC, the industry […]

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With Africa experiencing an e-Commerce revolution, more and more African consumers are looking for ways to protect themselves against scammers. According to Cristobal Alonso, CEO of MOBOfree.com  “African consumers need to adopt some key habits in order to avoid fraudsters.”   Tips on how to shop safely on an online social marketplace:   1.         Keep things local. Meet the seller in person, check the item and make sure you are satisfied with it before you […]


At the World Economic Forum on Africa today,MasterCard announced its partnership with Premier Bank, becoming the first international payments network to enter Somalia.   As a result of the partnership, Premier Bank will now issue and accept the first MasterCard-branded payment cards in Somalia, a country which hasn’t had any form of formal banking service since the collapse of the government and financial services system in 1991.   “Somalia has made significant strides to rebuild […]


Thunderbolt 3 will become compatible with USB Type-C but it will be to 4X faster. It seems that USB Type-C will soon become a common standard for connecting and charging devices. Today,this possibility has become even more real after the announcement of Thunderbolt 3.   Directly competitive with the USB format, this time has refused from its connector, and will use exactly the same port as the USB Type-C. The connectors will be compatible not […]


The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), sponsored by the African Union Commission (AUC), NEPAD Agency (http://www.nepad.org), African Development Bank (AfDB), United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs), is Africa’s solution for building mutually beneficial infrastructure and strengthening intra-Africa trade. The 51 PIDA programmes and projects are spread across the four sectors of Transport, Energy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and trans-boundary Water. PIDA is expected to:   •          […]


In order to better understand what African nations need to do to reap the full benefits of the Internet, the Internet Society today released the study “Internet Development and Governance in Africa,”. The report, issued at the Africa Internet Summit 2015 in Tunis, Tunisia, provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the Internet in Africa and highlights the importance of the multistakeholder model of Internet governance as an essential part of Africa’s Internet […]

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There has been robust growth in Internet access and usage over the past few years and Africa is now primed to take advantage of the social and economic opportunities that the Internet can bring to people across the continent. This was the focus of an address delivered to delegates at the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) being held in Tunisia by Kathy Brown, President & CEO of the Internet Society.   In her speech, delivered to […]

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