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Simple Technology that Makes Any Business More Efficient

There have been so many new technologies to sweep the business world over the past few years. Every business feels obligated to have the latest and best of all these new technologies. Many businesses fear that they will become obsolete ...

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The Best Ways to Build Brand Recognition with Technology

Brand recognition is essential for any business. Businesses need to have the general public recognize their brand and logo and understand the message that comes with that brand. This is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks that ...

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The Pros and Cons of Having Personal Technology in the Office

The Pros and Cons of Having Personal Technology in the Office Everyone never leaves the house with at least a few things. For most people, it is keys, wallet, and mobile phone. It is true that almost everyone has their mobile ...

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Towards A Business Model For Funding African Startups – 2 Years Later

Towards A Business Model For Funding African Startups – 2 Years Later[i]  Author: Brian Laung Aoaeh   Editor’s Note: This article which is also available here (PDF) is exclusive for Tekedia. While you can link it from your platforms, do not copy verbatim. Contact Tekedia ...

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Buhari vs Jonathan: Beyond The Election By Chukwuma Charles Soludo

by Chukwuma Soludo, former Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria     Indeed to preface this article with a few clarifications. I have taken a long sabbatical leave from partisan politics, and it is real fun watching the drama from the balcony.  Having had ...

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Fasmicro Institute’s programs in cybersecurity, electronics, robotics and analytics are designed for all classes of learners seeking to develop expertise in the respective fields, and advance their careers. Programs are entirely online and usually completed within 12 weeks (certificates) and 24 weeks (diplomas). Plus, the program creators are industry practitioners with solid academic backgrounds obtained from leading institutions around the world. They work in the technology fields and know what the industry demands.   Begin your […]


Controllers Association (NATCA), a body responsible for directing flight operations within the Nigerian airspace, has asked its members to withdraw their services from Monday.   In a statement signed by its leaders, Victor Eyaru and Banji Olawode, the group said it is embarking on the strike today due to the alleged insensitivity of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) to professional and welfare matters concerning air traffic controllers which is threatening air safety in Nigeria. […]


President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria tonight approved reduction in the price of gasoline from N97 ($0.52) to N87 ($0.47) per liter.   Below is the full statement from Nigeria’s Petroleum minister: As you may be aware, there has been a lot of volatility in the oil market in the past few months and due to this the importation prices of our petroleum products have been impacted.   Therefore, with the approval and directive of Mr. […]


Milonics Analytics solutions are used across industries to help institutions solve today’s operational and business problems so that they can capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. With a robust and adaptable core technology, we find applications in banking, legal, healthcare, law enforcement, research, defense agencies, regulations, government agencies, among others. Find below some solutions for government, finance, law enforcement, etc. Bring the challenge to us; we’ll do the math. Financial Services – Our tool will help you in […]

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Former Apple CEO, John Sculley, is preparing to launch Obi Mobiles in Kenya as well as other countries located in East Africa. The launch will be accompanied by the company’s distributor for the region, DESPEC. The company is set to roll-out a number of Obi devices for consumers in the region in Q1, with an aim to capture 5 percent market share by the end of this year.   Amit Rupchandani, MD for the Middle […]


Short Introduction With the advent of dangerous malicious codes like Flame and Stuxnet, it has become evident that nations or institutions can electronically wage wars against competitors. As the risks of traditional wars abate, Internet has since evolved as the 21st century battleground where malware, not rockets, can be used to launch attacks on national infrastructure like power, telecoms, capital market and financial institutions. Also, through espionage and hacking, organized crimes by nations, corporate institutions […]


MainOne (http://www.mainone.net), Nigeria’s leading provider of innovative telecom services and network solutions for businesses in West Africa, today announced the opening of its premier Tier III Lekki Data Center to address the growing demand for Colocation, Cloud and Disaster Recovery Services in West Africa. In addition, MainOne announced that the purpose built facility designed to international TIA 942 standards will be managed under a new subsidiary branded as MDX-i (http://www.mdx-i.com).   MDX-i’s Tier III Lekki […]

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