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Detailed Breakdown Of 2014 Nigerian Budget With Graphs

This is the 2014 Federal Government budget since  approved by the National Assembly and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan. Out of a total budget of N4.962 trillion, the allocation to the defence sector took about 20 per cent, totalling N968.127 ...

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The Most Lucrative Tech Sector Emerging In Africa For Investors

There are many promising technology sectors in Africa right now. The market is still very young but it has a lot of growth ahead of it. From our travels around the continent, we have noted that some sectors are ripe ...

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The Most Important And Most Profitable Startup In Nigeria For Investors To Put Money

The startup ecosystem in Nigeria is very noisy. Some have become lords purely because of the amount of money they raised.  They have neither built nor exited any company. They just raised capital and they party, publicly. From Forbes to ...

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[In Stock] Order Altera Cyclone II Starter Kit For Your FPGA Projects In Nigeria

The purpose of the Altera DE1 Development and Education board is to provide the ideal vehicle for advanced design prototyping in the multimedia, storage, and networking.   It uses the state-of-the-art technology in both hardware and CAD tools to expose designers to ...

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The Top 200 Local And International Investors In Africa

How do you know people that are writing cheques and closing deals in a region? You either belong to the club of those writing the cheques or you are among those looking for the cheques. We have played both roles. ...

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mobile payment

From the moment M-PESA launched in Kenya in 2007, Africa was heralded as the undisputed leader in the innovation and adoption of mobile payment services. Today, more than 17 million Kenyans use M-PESA, and in 2013 a full quarter of the country’s GDP passed through the service. But is Africa still leading the global mobile payments innovation race?   According to Howard Moodycliffe, Head of Marketing and International at wiGroup, Africa has lost some ground. […]


  Imagine this is a new planet! Oh yes,  imagine your favourite brand as a planet where everything is made by that brand. What does this planet look, smell, sound like? How does living on this planet make you feel? What are the best and worst things about this planet Let your imagination run wild and describe your favorite brand as a planet!


These are the key areas that will dominate investments in technology in the next decade:   Enterprise IT. Startups are going to give companies like HP, IBM and other incumbents a run for their monies Alternative Banking. Increasingly people will see a huge alternative in Lending Club, Prosper and other peer-to-peer lending companies Connected Home. Companies like Nest, Dropcam (part of Nest which is already owned by Google) will become a standard in many homes. […]


This summer many of us will be traveling around the globe. Some will travel for vacations while others will be for different business endeavors.  There is always this concern how we can still stay connected since everyone is tethered to his or her mobile device. We never like to leave them behind when we travel. So, we burn those exorbitant roaming costs that depress the excitements in the trips especially when they are personally funded. […]

ellesse package2-500x500

For the listed price, this is the product spec. It comes with a black casing. The photos are also displayed. If you want a different spec, email us and we will give you a quote for it. We control all aspects of the manufacturing process and will accommodate any spec you want (high spec may attract more costs, of course). For all products, we will put your logo or any name you want on the […]


Botswana continues to work strategically to develop local technology solutions. Speaking during the just ended 12th Southern Africa Research and Innovation Management Association Conference (SARIMA),  of their university dons, Professor Torto of Botswana, said parliament has approved a National Innovation Fund which will provide seed and early stage funding for technology based start-ups and ventures as well as established companies with viable innovation concepts.   To date, Botswana has invested in two new institutions of higher learning […]


The National Population Commission (NPC) has projected that Nigeria’s population will be 223.3 million by 2020. The commission also hinted that the population of those aged between 10 and 24 have reached 60.4 million going by its 2014 records.     The NPC Chairman, Chief Eze Duruiheoma, whose address was read on Friday while marking this year’s World Population Day, in Akure, Ondo State said the nation’s youth population was put at 44.4 million or […]

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