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To the release of the latest version of iOS it is rumoured that it will focus mainly on heart related applications along with an updating version for Siri and Maps.   As per the release of Apple’s iOS software for mobile devices is concerned it has been rumoured that Apple will considerably announce the release date during summer.   With the ongoing rumour for iOS 8 much has been expected and to be sure the [...]


It comes with 4G LTE which provide a superb internet speed and enhance the online experience whether it could be the online gaming, video streaming, Live TV etc.   It would be the best mid-range smartphone from the house of Sony. A Stunning and razor sharp camera of 8 MP with Exmor RS sensor clicks the breathtaking photos and videos with rich in detail. Sony Xperia M2 offers brilliant specification and performance at an affordable [...]


The Nexus Brand which was launched by Google in 2010 is finally coming to an end. Following the industry watcher, Eldar Murtazin’s tweet, the brand will end in 2015 and there will be a rebranding. This means that the Nexus 6 might be the last in the series of the Nexus brand and therefore will have to be up to standard for the greatest sales since the launch of this brand. Considering the number of [...]


Galaxy Note 4 phablet is a device that is set to compete with Sony Xperia Z3. The gadgets are set for release in 2015. This will be exactly a year after the release of the last Galaxy Note. It is expected that this device will introduce new technologies. It is also expected that this device will be one of the biggest phablets of the year. When it comes to phablets, Samsung has always given other [...]

samsung s3

Are you a Samsung Smartphone fan and are you looking forward for the next release of the Galaxy series? Well, if you are a fan as you say, then you probably have heard rumors about the two huge projects underway. Samsung have plans underway for the release of two Smartphone on its Galaxy S series after the Galaxy S4 last year.   Going by Samsung traditions, the company will be unveiling its 2014 flagship project the [...]


Kaspersky Lab has launched an interactive cyberthreat map that visualises cyber security incidents occurring worldwide in real time. The types of threats displayed include malicious objects detected during on-access and on-demand scans, email and web antivirus detections, as well as objects identified by vulnerability and intrusion detection sub-systems.   In today’s world of cyberthreats, it only takes a few minutes to spread new malicious applications or spam. Kaspersky Lab’s globally distributed cloud-based infrastructure – Kaspersky Security Network [...]


Galaxy S6 Price: The Latest Updates Samsung has worked tirelessly to release a series of Galaxy S devices, which are designed to meet the consumers’ demand.  You most probably loved the latest release of Galaxy S4 due to the performance and the amazing features that came with it. Samsung promised us that things were going to get better, and this promise has kept most consumers waiting. It is expected that the next Galaxy S device [...]

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