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google nexus 6 vs galaxy note 4

The future of Galaxy Series smart phones is the next big thing in the mobile market , which we all love and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy S6 will be the two next Galaxy Smart phones. After recent showcasing of Samsung Galaxy S5 , the Korean Giant is all set to launch Galaxy Note 4 and after that Galaxy S6.   We will today look into detailed comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and […]

Proceeding with rumors on Galaxy S6

As you know, the Samsung S5 doesn’t have so much success in this world of technology, therefore, there are many expectations of the users of the Samsung regarding the improved or a modern version of the S5. The next version of the S5 of the Samsung is in development, although the company is still improving the sales of the previous version. The S5 was released in the moth of April, 2014, but it failed to […]

LG G3 Dissection from the Official Teaser Video

Ahead of the official launching ceremony, LG has released a teaser video on their official YouTube channel for the upcoming LG G3. The phone looked so sophisticated and gave the viewers a ‘highly premium’ feeling that the G2 users and fans might want to regret their decision of buying a G2. Of course, G2 was a high end premium gadget as well. But G3 is the definitely the new flagship device every smartphone enthusiast will […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 or Google Nexus 6: The face-off you have all been waiting for!

They are the most talked about future gadgets of their respective companies, and are the darlings of smartphone fanatics the world over. Now the time has come for them to face each other in the battle of the coming year- when the Samsung Galaxy S6 takes on the Google Nexus 6. With the Nexus 5 was highly acclaimed when it released last year, and the recent Galaxy S5 which is already generating waves, the battle […]

Why has Google not released a new second-generation Nexus 10 yet?

Release date of the Nexus 10 “second generation” remains a subject of gossip for more than six months now. It seems that Google is in a problem with its release, or the company just keeps intrigue, thereby fuelling interest in the device. Nexus 10 still has the power Yes, Nexus 10 was and remains one of the most powerful Android-tablets on the market, but we still want to know how things are going with the […]


It comes with 4G LTE which provide a superb internet speed and enhance the online experience whether it could be the online gaming, video streaming, Live TV etc.   It would be the best mid-range smartphone from the house of Sony. A Stunning and razor sharp camera of 8 MP with Exmor RS sensor clicks the breathtaking photos and videos with rich in detail. Sony Xperia M2 offers brilliant specification and performance at an affordable […]


We brand Ovim tablets for corporate customers. The following are samples from some clients – Ellesse and Unity Assurance Plc Nigeria. Download @Google Play the app we made for one of the clients here. We are happy to welcome Ellesse in the staples.      


Specialist distributor Switchtec has released version five of its dedicated control and isolation products brochure that covers all of its key panel products, including those from Hongfa, Telergon, Tend Sirena, Anly, SCL and Meanwell. Aimed at panel builders, wholesalers, distributors, OEMs and manufacturers, the brochure is an invaluable and useful aid to those who specify or purchase control and isolation products.   Switchtec’s ‘C&I 5’ is a clear, easy to read 16 page, full colour […]


New Design Platform that Enables Industrial Designers to Deliver High Performance and Increased Safety for Motion Control and Industrial Networking Solutions with Zynq-7000 all Programmable Socs from Xilinx     Xilinx, Inc. has introduced new, All Programmable solutions for meeting the challenges of advanced motion control, real-time industrial networking, machine vision and a host of other next-generation industrial automation applications. Xilinx’s hardware and software technologies for developing systems with Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoCs at their heart, accelerates design productivity […]


Windows 8 compatibility now available for professionals seeking large format multitouch technology MultiTouch Ltd has announced the launch of 42” and 55” MultiTaction® Cell multitouch displays, fully integrated with Windows 8. The new MultiTaction® Cell 42” (MT420W8) and 55” (MT550W8) with Embedded Windows 8 on Intel Core i7 are the first large-format displays available with a built-in touch user interface –and the first to support simultaneous use of unlimited touch with hands, the new Windows […]

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