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Let’s be open. I am not going to make up my mind about investing in your startup after just one meeting. And, I definitely am not making my decision wholly based on looking at your pitch deck.   I like to do my own homework. So I think of your pitch deck as only a starting point.  After I have met you I will spend some time describing what it is I think you do […]


Two weeks ago I had a meeting with an entrepreneur who has built an interesting startup. It was our first time meeting one another to discuss his startup. Before we met I had spent about 10 to 15 minutes studying the startup’s website. After doing that I sent him a list of questions that occurred to me based on other startups I had studied in the past which could be seen as pursuing a solution […]


One of the things I really like about my job studying and investing in early stage startups is that I am constantly learning something new. This is true especially when I am encountering a startup for the first time, and begin to study polished and slick pitch materials on my own, listen to the entrepreneur deliver a pitch, or independently try to educate myself about the basics of the problem that the startup is trying […]


Let’s begin with some disclaimers. I have never actually been a value investor. I have also never made individual picks of stocks traded on the public markets. I was completely oblivious of stock markets until soon after I had graduated college in 2001. Before I arrived in the United States in 1997, I would not have been able to answer the question; What is a stock? During my 4 years of college I stayed narrowly […]


ICT is playing major roles in the course of socio-economic development of Nigeria. It has redesigned major industrial sectors by enabling more efficient business processes. In both the public and private sectors, it is driving a new vista of human and organizational capabilities that will equip the nation to compete at both regional and international levels.   This remarkable success of ICT in integrating the interface of people, processes and tools seem to have masked […]


The importance of ICT as a critical engine for productivity and growth is increasingly understood all over the world.  There is also evidence that higher rates of ICT penetration are associated with greater levels of exports,[1] and that a 10% increase in telephone penetration rate over the long-run is likely to register 0.6% higher annual growth in GDP.   InAfrica, the impact of ICT on trade, productivity, growth, incomes and efficiency are even more germane.  In […]


Adaptive Closed-Loop Control System for Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) An Approach for Improving Mobility and Control in Neuromotor Prosthesis David Ojika Department of Electrical Engineering California State University Los Angles Email:     Abstract One of the major difficulties faced by those who are fitted with prosthetic devices is the enormous mental effort needed during the first stages of training which becomes even more dramatic with myographic prosthesis were muscle fatigue causes an additional […]


Editor’s Note: This work is exclusive for Tekedia. You are permitted to link with a short blurb but never to post the entire content in any website. A PDF version which contains the whole article along with a  Business Model Canvas designed by the author is available here.   Towards A Business Model For Funding African Startups[1] By Brian Laung Aoaeh   Preamble: Please participate in the discussion by leaving comments at the end of the article. […]

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