Adaptive Closed-Loop Control System for Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) An Approach for Improving Mobility and Control in Neuromotor Prosthesis David Ojika Department of Electrical Engineering California State University Los Angles Email: dojika@calstatela.edu     Abstract One of the major difficulties faced by those who are fitted with prosthetic devices is the enormous mental effort needed during the first stages of training which becomes even more dramatic with myographic prosthesis were muscle fatigue causes an additional […]

atmel embedded board

Digital signal processors constitute an important aspect of signal processing in many high performance applications and end-user devices. Keeping the power dissipation as low as possible in a reconfigurable architecture that enables dynamic reconfiguration of hardware modules is quite a challenging task. This paper examines one approach towards low-power programmable DSPs that seeks to solve this problem by matching the model of computation of a given task with a well defined architectural granularity without adverse […]


A major part of the problem I see amongst poor, underdeveloped and developing countries in Africa, I believe, gets solved by dealing with the mindset of the African community in all areas of both leadership and followership.How can Africa begin to be self-dependent in an area like technology for instance, when we ought to breed first, world class scientists and technologists that could stand globally in a modern technological era like ours.   I see […]

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