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Classrooms provide the foundation for future success, whether learning basic math in elementary school or writing a high school research paper. Unfortunately, students and teachers are constantly faced with roadblocks that can impact overall learning in the classroom. However, new advances in technology help to overcome these blocks through interactive and accessible tools and applications.   Attention Span The ability to concentrate for extended periods of time is essential for learning in a classroom environment. […]


If you want to learn how to recognize dyslexia and other learning disabilities, you have quite a task ahead of you. Learning disabilities are a very sensitive subject. What appears to be a learning disability for many, really isn’t. On the other hand, some learning disabilities are very difficult to recognize until well after someone is out of school, especially by someone without the proper training. However, if you’re an educator, parent or other concerned […]


Connect Nigeria, an information search portal, has announced it will host the business environment to the first ever e-business fair in the country.   In line with its mission to connect businesses to markets in a convenient, fast, and easy way, this year’s fair is themed “E-Business and the Growth of Your Enterprise”, which underscores the role of information and communication technology (ICT) in the economy.   The event which is scheduled to hold in […]


Nigeria will witness the growth of many small and medium enterprises in the coming years as a result of fast-growing technology in the country. Many businesses will reach vast and diverse markets using electronic and ICT tools to leverage their operations. Mr. Emeka Okafor, Chief Executive Officer of connectnigeria.com, a resource and information search portal with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, made this disclosure recently while announcing Nigeria’s first ever e-business fair to be hosted by […]


Ghana is said to have access to fertile lands with an opportunity to become the bread basket of West Africa if coordinated policies are harnessed to enhance agricultural production. In the Bole district of Ghana, the land is semi-arid with only one major rain fall season making agriculture production unpredictable due to reliance on rain-fed production.  However, in the 2012 development report of the district, yam which is a major food crop was among 7 […]


More and more, you handle much of your business online. This is unavoidable in today’s increasingly interconnected world, a world in which the web is indispensable to every industry’s business model. The Internet has provided access to markets heretofore unreachable, as well as communication and collaboration opportunities that vastly improve the quality and efficiency of staff. Unfortunately, the web also acts as a liability.   We don’t like to think of the security issues we […]


Ghana, a country south of the sahara has many budding entrepreneurs and is considered a lower middle income country with a sizable youthful population largely entrenpreneurial. Some of them who have been globally recognized include game changers, Bright Simons, and Elikem Kuenyehia. But, the field of entrepreneurship poses a lot of challenges for many Ghanaians charting its slippery road. Many face several hurdles and are not able to surmount and hence, fold up initiatives.   […]


Bidi Kwame Emmanuel shares an experience on his latest trip to Ghana in a blog post.  We have his permission to link it as this problem is affecting progress in the continent.   Our country has more than its fair share of active believers. What it lacks are active thinkers and problem solvers.   A dangerous trend is beginning to take root in Ghana. It is the practice of doom prophecy, targeting the elites and the […]


The Fight – Samsung Galaxy S3 v/s Sony Xperia Z Android fanatics are full of choices when it comes to top end Smartphones. An array of new launches keeps on raising the standard with technology getting more and more affordable. The problem is that it can get difficult to choose from the wide selection especially when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S3 and Sony Xperia Z. Which Android ruler will you go for? Samsung unveiled […]

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