Brand recognition is essential for any business. Businesses need to have the general public recognize their brand and logo and understand the message that comes with that brand. This is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks that businesses have to take on, but it is also one of the most rewarding aspects when building a business. Every business owner tends to have a love/hate relationship with brand development. Even though it may […]


There have been so many new technologies to sweep the business world over the past few years. Every business feels obligated to have the latest and best of all these new technologies. Many businesses fear that they will become obsolete if they do not keep up with the latest technology trends and give their customers something new and exciting every single day.   This may be true for some customers, but the truth is that […]

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The Pros and Cons of Having Personal Technology in the Office Everyone never leaves the house with at least a few things. For most people, it is keys, wallet, and mobile phone. It is true that almost everyone has their mobile phone attached to their hip 24/7, and this is also becoming true in the office. Today, many people are finding the ability to work remotely on occasion, so they will often use their personal […]


Parents have a big responsibility when it comes to raising their kids. Every parent wants to make sure that their children are as prepared to live on their own in the real world as they can possibly be. Part of that means giving children the best education they possibly can. Of course, parents will send their kids to the best schools that they can, but there is so much more that they can do.   […]

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At the World Economic Forum in Davos, youth unemployment took center stage. Here is a brief report of a panel discussion in Davos.   Global business and public sector leaders were in Davos Swizerland engaged in debate about the growing youth unemployment which many have said is growing in an uncomfortable proportion. The panel discussion was made up of Nik Gowing, Omar K. Alghanim, Dominic Barton, Aliko Dangote, Fatima Muneer. Taking the lead in the […]


There is a new found optimism in Africa which began few years ago. The economy of the continent has been growing consistently and hundreds of thousands of people have moved from poverty to middle class. And opportunities and growths are not necessarily tied to the cyclical boom and bust of commodities, minerals and hydrocarbon. Innovation is taking place in Africa, from the lagoons of Lagos (Nigeria) to the safaris of Nairobi (Kenya). Africa is being […]

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Iowa could become the first U.S. state to make smartphone apps official stand-ins for driver’s licenses as soon as 2016. But the idea of having police officers scan a driver’s smartphone during a traffic stop has left some legal experts wondering about possible privacy and security complications. The Iowa Department of Transportation hopes to offer drivers the choice of using either the traditional plastic card or digital licenses on their smartphones, according to The Des […]


Menorca Millennials is a 20 days FOCUS program in an island just for invited and selected second time entrepreneurs that are building the next big thing   Menorca Millennials—an all-ages program, despite the name—is the brainchild of Marcos Martín, a lobbyist for the European bioenergy industry, and Ricard Garriga, director of strategy at YouNoodle, a San Francisco startup that runs business contests. Garriga says they’re pitching the 20-day retreat as a “distraction-free paradise” where participants […]


As internet penetration continues to advance in Africa, so are the perils that come with the increased degree of digital connectivity – cyber crime. However, most organizations lack both proper security plans and trained in-house staff to counter or quickly recover from cyber attacks.   Also, in warfare, the game has gone beyond bullets and ammunitions. Nations wage cyber warfare where they work hard to steal digital assets and secrets of other countries. The 21st […]


EDITOR’S NOTE: The authors are co-chairs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Their 2015 Annual Letter, from which this article was adapted, is available at Fifteen years ago, the two of us made a bet.   We started our foundation in 2000 with the idea that by backing innovative work in health and education, we could help billions of people improve their lives. The progress we’ve seen so far is so exciting that we are […]

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