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Dr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, the Founder and Chairman of FASMICRO Group was  few weeks ago selected as one of the Selection Committee Members of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme which is dedicating $100 million to jumpstart innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa over ten years.   The programme will identify and help grow an initial 10,000 start-ups and young businesses from across Africa over the next 10 years, targeting the creation of 1,000,000 new jobs and $10 billion […]


FASMICRO Group works to provide world-class intermediary services between our Chinese investing partners and African project owners. Our goal is to ensure quality capital availability to drive development in Africa.   We work as advisors, partnering with our African clients and investing partners. We bring the full breadth of our consulting expertise and local knowledge alongside direct investing experience to every partnership we pursue.   Specifically, we offer the following services:   o    Investment […]


FASMICRO Group is a young and dynamic group of companies and a respected brand in Africa. Built on the tripod pillars of integrity, professionalism, and entrepreneurial spirit, FASMICRO delivers quality across its business segments and sectors with unparalleled insights. Our key focus is Africa and we operate through three main services – technology/engineering, investments and strategic advisory - to cover a broad range of sectors including technology, education, public sector, financial services, manufacturing, real estate and agriculture. We also focus on […]


The Sahara-Sahel’s 17,000 km of borders do not so much hamper activity as drive it. Trafficking in gasoline and food capitalises on variations in exchange rates, taxation levels and national subsidies. Trafficking in black-market cigarettes, illegal drugs and weapons is widespread and developed on a regional scale.   The Atlas illustrates how terrorist groups seek to control strategic border areas or roads more than sections of national territories. Many groups have grafted themselves onto historical […]


The number of African entrepreneurs springing up from digital ventures has grown significantly in the past decade, as the continent embraces the potential of social media, digital platforms and knowledge technologies to reap economic benefits, enable globalization and create employment.   According to the data published by the Internet World Stats, Internet penetration in Africa is 26.5 percent. That means around 300 million Africans out of the continent’s 1 billion population are online. And things […]

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igns HDL Coder™ and HDL Verifier™ accelerate the development of FPGA and ASIC designs by helping you complete your work in days or weeks rather than in months. Additionally, HDL Coder integrates with FPGA design tools and IP from Xilinx® and Altera® to provide target-optimized implementations. With HDL Coder and HDL Verifier, you can: Model, simulate, and explore your algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink Generate either target-independent or target-optimized HDL code Program Xilinx and Altera FPGAs from MATLAB® and Simulink® Verify your FPGA […]


The impact of technology on African businesses cut across various sectors such as e-commerce, banking, and telecommunications to name a few. One sector that has been overlooked in the whole of Africa is tourism. Before now, hotel booking and reservation were mostly done at the reception of hotels. This improved to an extent when the use of GSM mobile phones and email penetrated the continent. At this point anyone looking to book a hotel would simply […]


E-commerce is at the epicenter of Africa’s thriving economy. With internet penetration rapidly spreading across the region, this represents huge potential which has hitherto been untapped. Africa Internet Group, one of the continent’s leading e-businesses, ranks Africa’s top seven e-commerce friendly countries.Africa is a burgeoning and largely unexplored consumer market. According to McKinsey and Co. consumer facing industries in Africa are predicted to grow by over $400 million in 2020. This includes e-commerce, which is gaining […]


Cybersecurity Consulting Milonics Analytics cybersecurity consulting practice provides IT security consulting services and solutions. We offer a full range of cybersecurity services and enterprise IT security consulting and implementation on both a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis. Areas we cover include:   – Cybersecurity roadmap and strategy for organizations – Cybersecurity operations management – Cybersecurity policy and operational procedure development – Cybersecurity engineering and architecture design – Network security testing and evaluation – […]


Milonics Citizen – An Integrated Campaign Tool for Nigeria Milonics Citizen is an integrated data platform that sources and tracks voters for a political campaign in Nigeria. It provides a web app interface that is hardware agnostic which enables it to run in any mobile device or computer. From its Dashborad, campaign managers and strategists can visualize the state of the campaigns and quantitatively monitor the impacts of its campaign messaging to voters. It has […]

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