How To Reconcile Technology And Sustainable Living Via Entrepreneurship

How To Reconcile Technology And Sustainable Living Via Entrepreneurship

A lot of people think that technology and sustainable living are not compatible. However, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, in a lot of ways, technology has helped sustainable living come into fruition. In face, it is more than possible to reconcile technology and sustainable living while using social networking and entrepreneurship. If this is new to you, then here are four ways that social entrepreneurship and social networking can help us all live a more sustainable lifestyle.



Using social entrepreneurship, small businesses can get the funding they need. This can, in turn, help people build green, and sustainable business. For instance, many websites called micro loan websites exist, which allow small enterprises to borrow money for their business ideas. Many of these ideas are on the forefront of green technology. Using social entrepreneurship, we can build a better and cleaner planet.

Thanks to social networking, ideas and knowledge can now spread more rapidly than ever. For instance, people can spread ideas about poor environmental practices of corporations or governments on any venue they’d like. Countless campaigns are currently spreading all over the world, thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. The knowledge has always been available, but with social media, knowledge can spread with lightning speed.
Local Thinking
Not only can we learn about important issues on a national level, we can also take action on a local level. Social media sites offer a terrific outlet to learn about local events and ideas. Many small businesses are able to advertise their ideas and products on social media. When people know they can purchase food or other items locally, they almost always will do so. Again, the information is out there! Sustainable living starts in our own neighborhoods, and the best way to communicate this is through social media.



How To
A lot of people want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but they simply do not know how to get started. With social media, it is possible to share videos and ideas on an abundance of related subjects. Either via social networking, or through video hosting sites, people can now learn about sustainable living in every way imaginable. For example, one can learn how to create their own garden, or even install solar panels on their home. These videos and sites can quickly go viral on the likes of social media. What once took months or years to catch on can now take a matter of a few days.



Social networking and entrepreneurship will help greatly in the future of our world. A lot of people around the world have great ideas, and with social networking, it is possible to communicate these ideas quickly. A lot of change has already happened with social media. For example, social networking helped the Arab Spring come about. Now more than ever, it’s obvious that it is important to embrace technology in order to better the world we live in.


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