The Most Affordable Online Colleges To Get An MBA

The Most Affordable Online Colleges To Get An MBA


With our economy still reeling from the last recession, a lot of people are looking at ways to improve their marketability. One way that many people choose to do so is by getting an MBA. Unfortunately, an MBA can be expensive to obtain. Not only that, it is often hard for working professionals to attend all of the classes they are required to. For this reason, a lot of working professionals are seeking an MBA by going online. Here are six of the most affordable online colleges to get an MBA.


Cameron University
Located in Lawton, Oklahoma, the Cameron online MBA program is very affordable. The per credit hour cost is $250, and the base program cost is $8,250. Cameron University does not require a GMAT for admission, and the minimum time commitment is 24 months. There are absolutely no requirements to go on campus, as the entire MBA can be completed online. All in all, Cameron University is a great deal.


United States University
This private, for-profit school located in Chula Vista, California is another great choice to get your MBA online. The base program cost is $10,800, with the per credit hour costing $300. The minimum time commitment is 18 months. There is no requirement to go on-site to the school – the MBA can be completed entirey online, without the need to attend classes in person.


Jacksonville State University
Located in Jacksonville, Alabama, this program is located at a public university. The cost is $13,170, and the per credit hour cost is $439. Jacksonville State University does require a GMAT. The minimum time commitment is 24 months, and all of the classes can be taken online.



California Intercontinental University
Located in Diamond Bar, California, this is a private, for-profit university. It costs $13,275, with a per credit hour cost of $295. They do not require a GMAT and the minimum time commitment is 24 months. California Intercontinental University has a lot of concentrations available for study. These include, finance, banking, information systems and quality management.

Fort Hays State University
Located in Hays Kansas, the campus is a public campus with a cost of $13,600 and a per credit hour cost of $400. They do require a GMAT, as well as a minimum of 34 credit hours and a minimum time commitment of 18 months. They have a lot of concentrations available, including health care management, management information systems and tourism and hospitality management.


Western Governors University
Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, this is a public, non-profit university with a DETC accreditation. The base cost of the program is $13,406 and a per credit hour cost of $406.25. They require a minimum of 33 credit hours, and there is no GMAT requirement.



No matter where you choose to get an online MBA, you will almost certainly do much better with one. One thing you need to take into account is the specializations offered. A lot of people who get an MBA desire specialized training in a specific field, such as information technology or accounting. Make sure your program has what you want, otherwise you will be wasting your money.


Author Jason Harter obtained his criminal justice degree online. He is a firm believer in online degrees and blogging. He is a contributing writer for best online criminal justice programs


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