Some Evolving Concept Computer Designs To Watch

Some Evolving Concept Computer Designs To Watch

Every electronic device that has ever been on the market was once a concept, no matter if it was successful or not. The people who develop these concepts have helped create groundbreaking inventions that have given us touch screen and 3D technology, but technology surely hasn’t stopped there. Many innovators continually come up with new designs and concepts or devices that could change the way we use technology. Some of their concept computer designs could be your next desktop, laptop, or tablet.


Nextep by Sony

The Nextep computer for Sony is a wearable OLED device that will act as a wearable laptop or computer. The design, by Hiromi Kiriki, has a flexible touchscreen along with a pull out QWERTY keyboard. It uses holographic technology to display the screen so you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Nextep isn’t supposed to be produced until the year 2020, but we are getting close to this type of technology. Back in 2007, Sony developed their first 2.5″ screen on flexible plastic and by 2010 they developed their first roll-able screen. At the 2013 CES, Samsung revealed their device that has a flexible OLED screen, meaning that other companies, like Sony, will probably have the same capabilities here soon.


Spider by Ericsson

The Ericsson Spider changes the way we think about carrying a laptop around with us. The device is a small tube that transforms into a tripod using its legs that resemble a spider. The device then uses laser technology to display the keyboard and includes a projector to display the screen on any flat surface. Along with being a very compact computer, the transportable device could also double as a mobile phone when the legs and projector are hidden. Of course, there are still some kinks that Ericsson would need to work out, which is why it wouldn’t be produced until 2020. Some of these kinks would be creating a long lasting battery and how to integrate WiFi.


Rolltop by Lenovo

Lenovo has always come up with some interesting concepts, including the Lenovo Yoga 11s which was a big hit at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas, but one future concept, the Rolltop, could change how and where we use computers. The Rolltop would have a flexible, roll-able, OLED screen, similar to screens being developed by Samsung and Sony, which would wrap around the computer. When the screen is unrolled, it can be used as a tablet, laptop, or a display monitor for the computer. The computer tower would include the power cord, speaker, and USB connections for the screen. Of course this computer is still a concept and has some things to work out, but it would change our thoughts on laptops and computers.


HoloBook by Apple

Apple seems to have a lot of ground breaking devices that it has developed, and one concept could change everything we know about computing. The HoloBook would be a completely holographic notebook. The device would use several different screen layers to bring you holographic images that you could then touch and feel using ultrasound touch feedback. While we may be years off from having a device like this demoed, let alone produced, it could still be a possibility. With devices that have 3D capabilities that don’t require the use of 3D glasses, it is possible that we could one day have touchable holographic displays.



The B-membrane computer, designed by Won-Seok Lee, looks a little bit like a funnel or witches hat. The device would use an omni-directional display beam using the top part of the computer to display your computer screen. Around the base of the computer you would use the membrane keyboard and mouse that would appear when needed. Of course, the designer knew that you wouldn’t be using your computer all day every day, which is why you can point the omni-directional display back to its upright position to have your very own mood lighting. This funnel like computer is still purely a concept and has a lot to be worked out before being produced.


So many innovators come up with different concepts for devices, even home appliances that could be used in the future. While these may seem like concepts of a future world with flying cars, they could be possible since it wasn’t too long ago that smartphone and tablets were simply concepts for the future. Many manufacturers, like Corning Inc. and Microsoft, have created videos with their visions of our lives and technology in the future.


by Nicky Elkins of MobileMoo


Image Credit/DailyMail


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