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Education is very important for economic developmemt. Nigeria is pushing very hard to transform its educational system. African Instititution of Technology has joined a league of innovators that want to see that the nation rises to the top.


With only 18% of the students that write the JAMB university entrance exam finding space in the universities, the nation must do more.  Yes, more than 80% of students that wanted to go to universities in Nigeria cannot.


Yet, it is not about quantity. Quality is the most important factor. Our university will meet the triple helix of educational, economic and scholarly impacts driven by integrated innovation, research and quality teaching. It is a promise to “discover and make scholars, noble, bright and useful”.


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  1. “Tekedia ? Only 18% Of 1.3M (2010) JAMBites Were Admitted In
    Nigerian Universities” was a superb blog post.
    If merely there was considerably more blogs similar to this one
    in the internet. At any rate, many thanks for your personal time, Corinne

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