Why This African University Willl Have A Technopark

Why This African University Willl Have A Technopark

The African Institution of Technology understands the need of graduating students who are not just measured on citizenship and employability but also entrepreneuria capacity.  In the age of predicted continued high unemployment, understanding how companies are started and supported will be vital. So, in this university, a technopark will be built right inside the campus. It is an open innovation space to enable students, faculty and startups collaborate and invent. This is one way we can establish sustainable strong economies in Africa.


The main task of Technopark which is located in one section of the university is to provide assistance to innovative companies that are project participants arising from university research or otherwise. This is the tool which – with the help of resources of the university, scientific and educational institutions, as well as international innovation centres – can be used by companies. This park is planned to accommodate design centers for MNCs as they locate to tap into opportunities made available by well-trained students. The long term vision of this Park is to develop five technology clusters within it in the region. Those clusters are in energy, ICT, minerals, health and agriculture.


We will share more details on how this program will run. We are confident that the opportunity of working with a strong faculty will attract quality startups and SMEs in this technology park. Our goal is to “discover and make scholars, noble, bright, and useful” with a motto to “Perfect Truth. Create Future. Educate Man”.  If you want to be part of this program, especially in helping develop a model of a 21st century university that meets the needs of the society and market, email info@afrit.org today. We need insights as we unveil the economic layer of the new Africa. This university is the economic layer.


For more about this project which we have termed Addis Project, visit, www.afrit.org


/Photo – 3D design of the university gate area.



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