Register for Fasmicro December Microcontroller Training. We’re Microchip Authorized Technical Training Partner

Register for Fasmicro December Microcontroller Training. We’re Microchip Authorized Technical Training Partner

Fasmicro is Nigeria’s largest embedded systems company with deep domain expertise on Microchip microcontroller technologies.  We use them for our products and we bring those experiences to our training sessions.  Besides training, we provide design services to government labs/agencies, universities, freelancers and private institutions on microcontrollers. Training is monthly in our Owerri Design & Training Centre.


NB:  You get 10% discount on MPLAB ICD2, Explorer 16, and PICDEM 2 Plus as our student.  If you order more than 15 units, you get further bulk discount. We guarantee (5 days) delivery from U.S. for bulk order should we not have enough stock.


This is our standard courses, contact us for custom ones.

Course Abstract Duration Cost
FAS M101:PIC Foundation Introduction to MPLAB IDE, ICD2. Mid-range (PIC 16 and PIC 12) architecture, instruction set and programming in Assembly. This includes hands-on labs using ICD2+PicDem 2Plus: assembly language programming, creating projects, debugging and branch control, PWM, A/D converter, interrupts, timers, I2C One week (40 hours) N59,000
FAS M201:PIC18 Architecture and Instruction Set Fundamentals of the PIC18 microcontroller family’s architecture and instruction set. Topics include the programmer’s model, data and program memory organization, clocking structures, assembly language and special features of the devices. Basic concepts are reinforced through the writing of two simple assembly language programs. One week (40 hours) N59,000
FAS M301:PIC18 Microcontroller Family Peripheral Configuration and Usage Using the C18 C Compiler A brief high level overview of the PIC18 microcontroller core and teaches how to program the common peripherals in the PIC18 using the C programming language. Using hands-on exercises and the MPLAB C18 compiler, students become familiar programming the I/O ports, timers, ADC, UARTs, comparators, PWMs and MSSP in I2C mode. One week (40 hours) N59,000
FAS M302: Microchip 16-bit MCU Peripherals Overview of the 16-bit core, essential tools and documentation for 16-bit designs, and 16-bit product families. Discussion of most commonly peripherals found in Microchip 16-bit products. These peripherals are: General Purpose I/O Ports, Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), Analog Comparator, Timers, Input Capture, Output Compare & PWM, I2C, SPI, & UART. One week (40 hours) N59,000

*We give discounts to students groups of at least three members attending the same time.


Email to join the training that starts early December.

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