Fasmicro Participant Reports On Renewable Energy Summit He Attended In Ethiopia

Fasmicro Participant Reports On Renewable Energy Summit He Attended In Ethiopia

Following the November 2010 meeting of Energy Ministers of Africa in Maputo, Mozambique where a Declaration creating the Conference of Energy Ministers of Africa (CEMA) as sole continental holistic Energy Ministerial organ under the auspices of the African Union was adopted.


In addition to this, the Ministers also adopted a resolution establishing the All Africa Energy Week (AAEW), as a framework to evaluate the progress made in infrastructure development and Regional energy services, consensus building on emerging issues, high level coordination of all the actions and stakeholders in the energy sector. These resolutions were further endorsed by African Heads of States and Government during the January 2011 AU Summit. Both CEMA conference and All Africa Energy Week are scheduled to take place every two years.


Given that 2012 is declared as the International Year of Sustainable Energy Access for All (SE4ALL) by the United Nations Secretary General and the UN system, African Union in association with its development partners African Development Bank (AfDB) and United Nation Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) organized, all Africa joint events, between 12th-16th November, 2012, consisting AU Conference of Energy Ministers of Africa (CEMA), All-Africa Energy Week (AAEW), Pan-African Investment Forum (PAIF) with the theme “Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: From Potential to Infrastructure and Services” the meeting was an important opportunity to reiterate the crucial role of Renewable energy in achieving sustainable development in Africa by contributing to the three following goals of the SE4ALL initiative: Ensuring universal access to modem forms of energy for all by 2030, improving significantly energy efficiency, and doubling the global share of renewable energy by 2030.


Fasmicro Dike Victor and other selected experts from the academia and research institute where invited to help Africa take scientific decisions towards her set goals. The AAEW-CEMA-PAIF platform offered them a unique opportunity to address urgent concerns about the continental ownership and consultations around the roll out of major projects in the energy sector with key partners.


Sequel to the contributions of the experts during AAEW and Breakout session the AU conference of CEMA adopted new resolutions which include: Resolution on the African Energy Information System and Database, Declaration/Resolution on Africa Bioenergy Policy framework and guidelines, resolution on investment financing, the role of public-private partnership in the development of renewable energy and resolution on sustainable energy for all initiative and more


The proceedings of the conference will undoubtedly benefit the African people, decision-makers in various governmental and non-governmental organizations, including investors, private sector and civil societies in the renewable energy sectors.


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