Fasmicro Unveils Android Tablets And Phones Repair Training In Nigeria

Fasmicro Unveils Android Tablets And Phones Repair Training In Nigeria

Fasmicro Engineering, Africa’s leading embedded systems powerhouse, also offers top Android tablet repair. As a new mobile internet terminals, the probability of Android tablet or phone problems at an early stage is relatively high. The issues involved are varied, but at the same time, there are some problems. The most common Android tablet or phone problems are poor network connection, screen, memory space, frequent crashes, overheating, etc.


Android Tablet/Phone Repair

In the face of these problems, the most common approach is to solve these problems themselves, or find a center for Android tablet repair San Diego that can help them, but this is no easy task. Repairing an Android tablet or phone  is not cheap, particularly when it comes to screen repair and other replacement problems. As the leader in the next-generation mobile PC, Android tablets or phones are excellent for mobile Internet, gaming, watching movies and even for business usage, so much so that Android tablets can be implemented on a portable tablet PC.


Regardless of the Android platform, it is known that Android is the best operating system for mobile devices and tablets everywhere. With innovative features, Android devices will continue to perform their leading role in the mobile Internet era, and Android devices repair is a need that will have to be addressed after some time.


These are some common Android tablet repairs:

  • Android tablet Firmware updates
  • Android tablet Tablet
  • Android tablet USB Jack Repair
  • Android tablet WiFi Drop-Outs
  • Android tablet RAM Memory Testing
  • Android tablet Battery replacement
  • Android tablet Screen Constantly Freezing
  • Android tablet Speaker Replacement
  • Android tablet Headphone Repair
  • Android tablet Zero Or Low Sound
  • Android tablet Cracked/Broken Digitizer


But right now, we only focus on supporting Ovim tablets and phones customers. We do not accept any brand that is not our own. Ovim is our product and we have been supporting customers for the last two years. We help them upgrade and update firmware and practically ensures they are happy. We will not accept any non-Ovim brand until further notice.


But starting immediately, we offer training services on Android device repairs.  The cost is N59,000 for one week. In this training, you will work with Android tablets and phones, open them and get to work on them. This training is offerred in our Owerri NIGERIA office. We are waiting for you.


To register, email info@fasmicro.comor call  08068573376, 0813 387 1190



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