Our Apologies, Tekedia Is Up – Our Hosting Partner Failed Us. Yet, It Is All Our Fault.

Our Apologies, Tekedia Is Up – Our Hosting Partner Failed Us. Yet, It Is All Our Fault.

Tekedia was down for days. And we are very sorry. We are very disappointed that we were offline for so long.


Though we take responsibility, we want to explain what happened. On June 27 2012, Just Host, our hosting partner based in Chicago USA informed us that they would be doing hardware upgrade.  That was how the problem started. A section of the email from Just Host to us is provided below:


We’re pleased to inform you that we will begin upgrading your account,
all associated subdomains, and all resold accounts, to a new hosting
server within the next 48-72 hours.


This upgrade requires that we take your websites offline for a short
period of time to complete the transfer. Anticipated downtime is
between 1-2 hours; to help reduce the visibility of this outage, your
account will be moved during the early morning hours (MST).
Additionally, we will be required to change your website’s IP address;


In order to facilitate the smoothest transition possible, we’ll be
updating your DNS entries automatically during the transfer, and will
make the website accessible at the previous IP address for
approximately one week after the upgrade completes.  Should you be
managing your own DNS, (less common) your new IP address will be
provided in a separate email post-upgrade. To provide a seamless
upgrade process, your website will continue to be available at the
previous IP address for approximately one week. However, we suggest
updating your DNS entries immediately to verify proper functionality
for your hosted domain(s).
Please do not hesitate to contact our Support department if you have
any questions about this process.


Unfortunately, Just Host demonstrated high level of incompetence for an American company. They did the migration and after that, all the sites died.  We run a reseller business and Just Host simply killed tens of sites in one of our accounts. They ran into troubles and they destroyed our business. To cap the meltdown, they had no solution for days. And they did not.


Every aspect of our site was broken. We had to begin afresh because Just Host lost most aspects of our works. Some of our sites are still down especially for customers that rented space and never kept file backups.


Just Host backed up the sites. But they were not serious. We noticed that they truncated the “uploads” folder in our site, and they could not retrieve files from their backups. For over seven days we did all we could to push them to retrieve the files, and at the end, this is the final outcome, below.


Thank you for contacting Support. I do apologize for any problems this has caused you. I had […] look at the source box again and he was unable to find the files you were referencing. He notified me he already re-migrated the entire account over earlier. So what you have now is what is on the source box. If you have any local backups we can work with you to get the site back up. I’m sorry we were unable to find what you needed.


This email came after this earlier one:


Unfortunately there are not files for this account on the Source server. Apologies for any inconvenience!

If you have a backup of your own, we’d be happy to help you restore that.


Yes, they did backup anything and now they expected us to do same. And we actually did backup. Unfortunately, we backed up (technically exported in WordPress) the whole site. And that was a huge problem, for WordPress. Why? WordPress will not allow you to import more than 10MB, and we had excess of 27MB. We are still trying to figure out how to import those files to recover the images/photos on the posts. Just Host will not help you because the problem has moved to applications and not web hosting.


Again, it is our fault and we sincerely apologize for this. It has taken a lot of our time. We have learnt new things and this will not happen again. Thank you for the support.  We have some backups and we will do our best to be updating some images. But in case you do not see the images, do not be disappointed.


Please we need you here – come back. And back again to Tekedia.


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3 thoughts on “Our Apologies, Tekedia Is Up – Our Hosting Partner Failed Us. Yet, It Is All Our Fault.

  1. Sorry about what happened, Indeed it was unfortunate that such a thing happened, but for the record know that We are with you.
    Thank you for giving us timely news

  2. You are not alone. JustHost also hosed all of my accounts (mine & my customers) during their migration. I didn’t get hit as bad as you did, but problems none the less and it ended up costing me over $500 in refunds and credits to keep my customers happy.


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