Home Automation: Technology Of The Future

Home Automation: Technology Of The Future

If you’ve ever tried to unlock your front door with your car unlock button, then you’ve probably also wondered why in the world you can’t open your front door with an unlock button.  It makes sense, right?  The technology is there obviously, so why shouldn’t opening our front doors be just as easy?  Well, finally there are highly affordable services available to make these dreams a reality, and lucky for us, they don’t just stop at the front door.  Numerous tech and security companies, including Vivint, are striving to make home automation a reality


Vivint, which has existed since 1999, originally as APX Alarms, offers packages in the three fields: home automation, home security, and energy management, in addition to an all-inclusive package.  Within the three divisions though, they maintain ten different services, including those great front door locking capabilities previously discussed, in addition to remote access for all other services via computer, smart phone, or any other web-accessing device.   Check out what real customers are saying in Vivint reviews to get an idea of what exactly this technology can do for your home.  To get a better understanding of what they’re all about here, check out the following list of services that they offer:


– Climate Control and Lighting/Small Appliance Controls

Vivint technology gives you remote access to your home’s climate controls, lighting fixtures, and small appliances.  This means that no matter where you are on the planet, you can always rest assured that you aren’t wasting precious energy and senselessly wasting money doing it.


– Touch Screen Monitor

An in-home touch screen monitor allows easy access for controlling each service while in the comfort of your home.


– Safety Sensors

Window and glass breaking sensors protect your home from burglary or other dangers by sending immediate alerts to your smart phone or web device.


– Video Surveillance

With an application that allows you to watch live video feeds remotely on your cell phone or web device, home security just got a whole lot beefier.


– Severe Weather Alerts

This technology similarly sends you alerts when a home-threatening tornado is coming your way well in advance.


– Non-Emergency Alerts

One can set various alerts tied to sensitive areas in their home that lets them know when dangerous or sensitive areas of the house are being touched or moved… like medicine drawers, or gun cases.


Having all of these technologies available remotely, just a few button clicks away, truly gives customers a distinct advantage in home security, safety, and savings.  The peace of mind afforded by these products is truly unparalleled.  Check out more Vivint reviews to learn more about packages, products, and how they’re already helping real people today.


by Alex Summers

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  1. It is amazing what is coming to the future of new homes. Thanks for this high quality and valuable piece. The good news is that innovation is alive and we can see that everywhere.

    I like this more — Touch Screen Monitor
    “An in-home touch screen monitor allows easy access for controlling each service while in the comfort of your home.”

    Hope it comes with the new LCD screen of iPad


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