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Google writes a cheque of $150,000 to Kenya Hub, iHub. Congrats to the iHub guys. They are doing well and these companies are coming onboard. Google, una well done ohh…


[W]e are proud to announce funding of USD 150,000 (Ksh. 12M) from Google to support the iHub community. This funding will help accelerate our mission in catalyzing technology innovations within the iHub by providing them with the infrastructure and skill-sets to fuel their innovations to the next level. With this funding, we seek to: 


  • Expand our infrastructure (network and server technology) to provide the tech community with a “sandbox” to host and test their applications
  • Set up a UX testing lab to provide training on design thinking and carry out UX research in the tech world
  • Setup the “ExchangeBoard Project” to support high-quality G+ hangouts and display the latest newsfeeds within the tech community
  • Set up an experimental super-computer cluster environment (“rackspace”) to host data intensive applications with require high performance computing


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