Developers – Submit Your Android Apps For Review

Developers – Submit Your Android Apps For Review

Are you a developer? Fasmicro can help you improve productivity and monetize your efforts. You can fill the form below to submit your app to our store. All apps would be strictly reviewed and only selected apps would be published. By submitting an app, you agree with our terms and conditions.


Note: At current, out payment gateway is under construction. Consequently, we would only be able to distribute FREE apps on our store. Please, do not submit paid apps to us. If we do not publish your app within 48 hours, please email Also, if your app has a new version, email us the new .apk file and the version number.


Please submit here now.



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27 thoughts on “Developers – Submit Your Android Apps For Review

  1. Quick Pick was made to help you make decisions fast! You can flip a coin, get a yes or no, or even give rock paper scissors a try. Everything is as easy as pie. Just tap which method you want to use to reach your decision and then Quick Pick does the rest.
    Don’t make another decision without Quick Pick!

  2. 1. App Name: SMS Remote Control GSM
    2. Developer Name: Eric Vogels –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Promo Code so I may download the app: Download Link: will provide once you are ready to review
    7. Contact email:
    8. Category: Tools
    9. Description:
    Sms_RC is a SMS remote controller for controlling various electrical gadgets, such as routers, modems, alarm systems or a remote relay like Ontech GSM, that can receive an SMS and react on it by performing a task and/or responding to the caller – remote control over GSM.
    Sms_RC can also be used to create pre-set SMS messages and send them with just the press of a button.
    Contact me if you would like your own logo on the app, in order to fit In with your own range of GSM products.
    The software allows the setup of up to 6 different devices, and can program 6 tasks/commands per device.
    As long as the software is running in foreground, the last incoming SMS from one of the defined devices is displayed inside the software. Of course, all SMS messages are stored in the SMS inbox.
    For example: sending an SMS with the text ‘STATUS’ to a 3G or 4G broadband router like Dovado results in a returning SMS from the router with information about its health.
    You can even create standard messages for up to 6 different contacts.
    This application uses your SD-card to store setup information.
    When choosing a device, the application will go back to its start screen when no button is pushed for 5 seconds.
    Pressing the MENU button brings you to the device setup screen. Pressing EXIT SETUP or the menu-button brings you back.
    Sms_RC is ideal for the following:
    – Wireless GSM Home alarm
    – GSM Controller with relay output
    – GSM Gate Openers
    10. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.1 and up

  3. Expense Manager Lite
    Its Compact and easy to use for managing your incomes and expenses source. .
    Expense manager lite is simple application for managing your incomes and expenses source.
    The application allows you to record save and edit your expenses and incomes easily and simply gives you the balance in hand.

    For more information visit our website


  4. 1. App Name: File Expert HD
    2. Developer Name: GeekSoft
    3. GooglepLay Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Tools
    8. Description:
    File Expert HD is an ultimate file manager for your Android devices.

    Local file browser/file manager, remote file manager, thumbnail viewer, app manager, cloud storage client, txt editor—ALL IN ONE!

    File Expert HD works on Android 4.0+, if you are running on Android 2.x or 3.x please try File Expert.

    Media Report

    File Expert HD is a mobile app masterpiece!(iUniq)

    A quality file browser! (AndroidHeadlines)

    File Expert HD is an advanced and easy-to-use file manager app. (AndroidTapp)

    File expert is the next amazing file manager app for android. It’s a powerful, Wi-Fi file transfer web and FTP and app manager.(Techcrackers)

    File Expert is a free file manager app that looks pretty good.(Tech in Asia)

    File Expert brings everything you expect as well as support for many cloud storage options and it doubles as an FTP client which is really nice.(AndroidPolice )

    It seems that the leading app for best file manager for Android gets replaced every year or two. Now, slowly but surely, File Expert has pushed its way to the top by bucking the trend of ugly file managers.(Thedroiddemos)

    File Expert: Android Division Winner for 2011 in Best Productivity App, (Best App Ever Awards)

    File Expert is a clean, well laid out multi tabbed file manager, app manager, backup app, cloud storage management app, network browser, ftp server and root access file manager. (Coolsmartphone)

    What may seem like technology thought up for insert-some-Bond-flick-here, the File Expert Android app has added NFC functionality to its latest build — making single-tap transfers a new reality. (Engadget)

    File Expert is like having WiFi File Explorer and ASTRO File Manager together in one app. (PCworld)

    File Expert is really an awesome android app with boot loads of features, maybe capable enough to replace anything from 3 to 5 apps you use currently. Must Have. It’s the best file manager, by any measure.(TheAndroidSoul)

    Basic Features

    1. Powerful File Manager-Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, Create, Sort, Rename, Hide, Search, Create Shortcut, Copy to, Move to, Favorites, Batch operation, Detail, Zip, Decompress and more!

    2. File Browser-Easily access to Gallery, Video, Music, E-Books, Documents, Apps, Plug-in, APK files, Zip Files

    3. Browser and manage files on Phone SD card, External SD card and Phone Internal Storage.

    4. App Manager- Install/uninstall, backup, share and send

    5. Archive manager-Create and decompress ZIP archive, Decompress RAR. Directly view ZIP/RAR/GZIP/TAR/TGZ/BZ file and decompress files and folders inside

    6. Plug-in support-File Encryptor, Text Clipboard, Text Encryptor, Cache Cleaner

    7. Image browser and editor-supports both local and remote folder

    8. File Picker-“Open With” facility helps you choose file hander

    9. Details- Show type, size, modify date, MIME, MD5 and more

    10. Clean browser history and empty files

    11. Thumbnails Viewer

    12. Support 25 languages

    13. Share files with others

    14. Powerful Text Editor

    15. Alternative Themes

    Key Features

    1. Web PC Suite- Manage files on PC. Turn your Android into a HTTP Server and manage it on PC in a Windows style interface.

    2. QuickSend- An extremely easy way to share files to any valid email address and contacts

    3. Support DLAN Sharing, FTP Sharing, Bluetooth Sharing and Wi-Fi Sharing

    4. Support Windows/SMB Sharing, FTP/ FTPS/ SFTP /WebDAV/Bluetooth Obex Client.

    5. NFC Tapping & Wi-Fi Direct Sharing Support-An fast and easy way to transfer files between NFC or Wi-Fi Direct enabled devices

    6. Cloud Storage Support- Google Drive, Dropbox,, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Ubuntu One, Baidu Cloud, KDrive, Kanbox, SkyDrive, Sina VDrive and more!

    Exclusive Features

    These features are only available when File Expert Pro Key Plugin installed.

    1. Root Explorer

    2. Safebox

    3. Memory Manager

    4. Silent Uninstall

    5. Silent Install

    User Manual:
    1. By Shane Monroe:
    2. Settings/Help

    Follow us:

    Twitter: @Filexpert
    Facebook: File Expert

    We’re working to make File Expert HD the best file manager on Android, so please feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions. Thanks!

  5. Free on Google Play:

    Meditation Assistant is the best meditation timer for Android. Its features (e.g., automatically setting your device to vibrate/silent while you meditate) and customization (e.g., choosing any file on your device as the start/finish/interval sound for your session) make it the ideal assistant to your meditation practice.

    This application will help your practice by giving you an easy to read overview of your progress (see screenshots), as well as display your meditation streak. Your streak is calculated based on the number of consecutive days you have recorded at least one session. As your streak grows, “not breaking the chain” becomes quite important. Soon you will be meditating once a day, even if it’s five or ten minutes out of your schedule.

  6. 1. App Name: Fake GPS Location
    2. Developer Name: Andev –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Tools
    8. Description:
    Introducing Fake GPS – currently the best looking fake location app!
    Fake GPS tricks your phone into thinking that it is somewhere else. You can be in Rome, London, New York or simply anywhere in the world. It’s simple and great fun to trick people with. You can use Fake GPS to pull a prank or show that you’re somewhere else as an excuse. It’s a simple idea with a lot of potential.
    How does it work?
    The application essentially makes your Android phone believe that it is anywhere that want it to be. Fake GPS turns any location into your current location with just the touch of a button. It takes two steps to fake your location, first, enable ‘Mock Locations’ in developer settings; then, simply set your new location using the Fake GPS app.
    When could I use it?
    You can use it to prank your friends and family. You can also pretend that you are somewhere completely strange – like the middle of the Pacific Ocean! You can be anywhere you want!
    Fake GPS is easy to use, fast and fun. Explore wonderful possibilities and be anywhere you want using the easy-to-use interface. It takes merely seconds to reset your location.
    – Fake your location with just two steps!
    – Easy to use and can be done by anyone!
    – Can be used to play pranks or as an excuse!
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.2 and up

  7. 1. App Name: GamePlan Soccer Calendar
    2. Developer Name: Ola Bjuremo –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Sports
    8. Description:
    Is Messi playing tonight? When is Manchester United’s next game? Are there any matches worth watching today?
    Hand pick your own list of players from all around the world and the entire content of the app is built from this.
    For each individual player/team you will get:
    • A countdown to the next match (either club team or national team).
    • A complete list of played and upcoming fixtures.
    • Live scores with scorers, lineups, cards, substitutions.
    • News feed with the latest news and rumours about the team and the player.
    • Stats from all the competitions the player is participating in.
    • A notification when the match is about to start.
    • Stats and information about each player in the squad.
    In addition to this you get transfer details and news, today’s fixtures and three different home screen widgets.
    This is what some of the users had to say:
    ????? “Best soccer app. Great app with great information.”
    ????? “Great app. You will never miss a game.”
    ????? “Great app to complete every footballers collection. Keeps you up to date on all your players bios and stats.”
    ????? “Love it. Best way to track your favorite teams”
    ????? Brilliant app. Love it.”
    ????? “Confusing at first, but then it’s brilliant. 5*”
    ????? “Super great deal of information about each individual player. Well organized screens. Additional info using linked website incl live match reports.”
    Supported competitions include:
    • Africa Cup of Nations
    • ASEAN Football Championship
    • Asian Cup
    • Concacaf Champions League
    • Copa América
    • Copa Libertadores
    • FIFA World Cup (Brasil 2014)
    • UEFA Europa League
    • UEFA Euro
    • UEFA Champions League
    • World Club Championship
    • Division 1
    • Division 2
    • Primera Division
    • Nacional B
    • A-league
    • tipp3 Bundesliga
    • Pro League
    • Primera Division
    • Brasileiro Serie A
    • Primera Division
    • Super League
    • Primera A
    • Primera B
    Costa Rica
    • Primera
    • Serie A
    • Premier League
    El Salvador
    • Primera Division
    • Premier League (EPL)
    • FA Cup
    • Carling Cup
    • Championship
    • Football League One
    • Football League Two
    • Ligue 1
    • Coupe de France
    • Coupe de la Ligue
    • Ligue 2
    • 1. Bundesliga
    • DFB-Pokal
    • 2. Bundesliga
    • 3. Bundesliga
    • Premier League
    • Greek Super League
    • Liga Nacional
    • Liga Nacional
    • I-League
    • Superliga Indonesia
    • Liga Primer
    • Premier League
    • Premier League
    • Premier Division
    • First Division
    • Serie A
    • Coppa Italia
    • Serie B
    • J-League Division 1
    • J2-League Division 2
    • Premier League
    • Kenya Premier League
    • Premier League
    • Premier League
    • Malaysia Super League
    • Primera Division
    • Liga de Ascenso
    • GNF1
    • GNF2
    • Eredivisie
    • Eerstedivisie
    • Topklasse
    • Nigerian Premier League (NPL)
    • Premier League
    • Division Profesional
    • Torneo Descentralizado
    • Liga Sagres (Primeira Liga)
    • Stars League
    • Russian Premier League
    Saudi Arabia
    • Saudi League
    • Scottish Premier League
    • S.League
    South Africa
    • PSL
    • La Liga
    • Copa del Rey
    • Segunda Division
    • Super League Switzerland
    • Thai Premier League
    • Ligue 1
    • Spor Toto Süper Lig
    • 1. Lig
    United Arab Emirates
    • Pro-League
    • Primera Division
    USA / Canada
    • Major League Soccer – MLS
    • Primera Division
    • Super League
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.1 and up
    10. Video:

  8. “VTweet” is a free app for twitter fans to make them enjoy hands free tweeting. Just speak into the microphone and convert the speech into text. Then directly send the message to Twitter.

    There are no settings, no training. Just speak and tweet.

  9. 1. App Name: Share Where Messenger
    2. Developer Name: Ola Bjuremo
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Travel & Local
    8. Description:
    An app that can save your life.
    Share Where Messenger is an app that allows you to quickly share your current location with anyone.
    It also includes a home screen widget that allows you to send a predefined message together with your location to multiple recipients via email/SMS or any of your apps with just the click of a widget.
    The location is presented as a link to Google maps.
    There is no need to register to any community to share your location and the recipients don’t have to use any other apps than email, sms or a web browser.
    Usage examples
    • Let your children use it to update you regarding their current location.
    • In case of emergency, you can send a predefined message together with your location with just a click on the widget.
    • Set a timer that will send your location in a specific time unless you cancel it. Great when walking alone late at night or when doing extreme sports like mountaineering.
    – The Pro version also features repeated messages.until cancelled by the user.
    • Disable the location information and use it as a regular messaging app or widget.
    If you want to use your default Gmail account for sending emails without having to enter your password, just create an app specific password. The procedure is described here:
    The lite version contains ads and is limited to maximum 2 recipients. In the full version you can also share a location message with any other app (like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, MSN etc)
    Note that there are issues with displaying newly installed widgets on Android 4.0.3 (ICS). A reboot may be required.
    keywords: widget, location, sms, email, position, emergency, GPS, gmail, geocaching, maps, personal safety alarm, SOS, ICE, messaging, security, tracking
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.1 and up
    10. Press Release:

  10. 1. App Name: SetOption – Binary Options
    2. Developer Name: Mark – SetOption Corporation –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Finance
    8. Description:
    Introducing SetOption Binary Options Trading App for Android:
    * Very high payouts ranging from 70% to 750% return of investment
    * Suited for Investors of All Levels
    * Wide range of assets to trade including Forex, commodities, stocks and indices
    * Secure and safe trading environment
    * Trading tools suitable for every trader level
    * A wide range of convenient, secure and reliable deposit methods
    * Withdraw funds quickly, simply and easily
    SetOption is one of the most professional, global binary options trading platforms in the industry, serving a large number of clients in numerous global regions with a team of experienced financial experts standing by to cater for their every need.
    SetOption provides a Mobile Options Trading Platform which allows you to Profit from Financial Markets. Whether you are experienced trader or you have not tried it before you will LOVE it! Up to 85% Return on Investment! Anyone can Trade Binary Options, it’s Easy & Fast – Invest now!
    The platform was devised and developed for providing the best and finest online binary options trading interface possible.
    SetOption is managed by a team of highly experienced professionals, all of whom are specialized in Forex, marketing, financial options, derivatives, stocks, commodities as well as software research and development.
    * Absolutely FREE of charge to SetOption customers!
    * Fully function Rich Trading Platform.
    * Based on real-time market data
    * No Spreads, Commissions or Hidden Fees
    * View expired options and your full Trade History.
    * Live and dynamic charts of every option available
    * Open and close trades with instant execution.
    * Universal login for mobile and web-based platforms
    * Intuitive touch screen control.
    * Deposit funds on the go.
    * Available for Android devices.
    You can ensure that you have invested your money with the Best Trading Platform!
    For more information regarding trading binary options, please visit
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

  11. 1. App Name: Logo Maker and Graphics
    2. Developer Name: Marc Sylvester – Laughingbird Software –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: $0.99
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Business
    8. Description:
    Just .99¢ until Monday, July 22nd! (regular price: $4.99)
    The Logo Maker is a brand new app. This special price is our way of saying Hello.
    Make sure to grab it before the introductory price goes up.
    The Logo Maker and Graphics Creator by Laughingbird Software. The easy, and fun way to create graphics, Logos, Facebook and blog images!
    Import your own photos and overlay them with REALLY cool text.
    Use the Logo Maker to create your own art (by importing your own photos or using the logo creator’s built in graphics) and post it to Facebook, Pintrest, Picasso and more! You can eMail your graphics to yourself too!
    (The Logo Maker is NOT not a Logo Quiz app. It’s a real logo generator tool).
    • Includes ROYALTY FREE images and objects designed by professional graphic artists! Cartoon characters, orbs, swooshes, “Web2.0” graphics and more! Just drag and drop the images into the logo generator.
    • Adjust and modify over 30 customizable templates. Create eMail signatures or use them in your iMovie creations!
    • Add your own elements and images using your camera! Great for branding your business.
    • Pinch, drag and spin your logo elements to change sizes
    • Save your logo and graphics to your Photo Gallery – eMail it, or create your own personal company wallpaper! …You can even send it up to your Facebook account!
    • Use The Logo Creator to create fun and unique eMail signatures!
    • Fun features: Place your logo onto virtual billboards, tradeshow booth images and more! Send these images to your friends and show them how important your company is.
    The Logo Maker and Graphics Creator by Laughingbird Software is easy and fun to use.
    Grab it today, and start creating graphics you’ll be proud of!
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
    10. Video:

  12. 1. App Name: Day Journal-Personal Diary App
    2. Developer Name: Paul Chatwin – The Apps Pod –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Lifestyle
    8. Description:
    Day Journal is a feature rich journal / diary app with support for weather, location, photos, audio and export.
    Enter your memories, ideas and events together with photos, audio, weather and location data to build up a history of your life. We have spent many months designing Day Journal to be as easy as possible to use. From fast start up through to a crisp and easy to use interface, journaling has never been easier.
    Use definable categories to record family life, recipes, medical history, job related entries and anything else you can think of.
    Whether you already keep a diary or struggle to find the time, Day Journal will help you make it easier and more rewarding. With Day Journal in your pocket you can easily create entries on the go – whereever you are.
    Day Journal keeps your memories safe. Not only does it have a 256bit encrypted password but also has built in backup and can export your data in a number of standard formats including text, CSV, HTML and now DayOne formatted files.
    With HTML export you can create stunning web pages complete with navigation, photos and interactive maps. In fact, you can create your own templates and include as much or as little data as you choose.
    Once you have a years worth of diary entries you can activate the ‘This Time Last Year’ feature. This will automatically send you a notification once a day showing you what you were up to this time last year.
    So what are you waiting for, start recording your life today.
    Day Journal is free to try but is limited to 20 entries. Once you reach 20 entries, you will be prompted to purchase the app.
    Day Journal is continuously developing with many features in the pipeline. If you have a suggestion or need some help, contact and we will answer your email – guaranteed.
    If you currently have your diary or journal data in another format we may be able to help transfer it over to Day Journal. Drop us an email and we will see what we can do.
    Entry Features:
    • Photos
    • Record audio snippets
    • Location data from GPS, WiFi and GSM or Photos
    • Quick entry from status bar
    • Full weather, sun and moon data
    • Location & Date/Time can be obtained from photos
    • Editable place name
    • Editable weather
    • Categories
    • Mark entries as favourites
    Data Protection Features:
    • 256bit encrypted password protection
    • Backup to device or SD Card
    • Export of data using standard formats
    • All data stored locally on your device
    Exporting Features:
    • Single or bulk entry export
    • Export to CSV
    • Export to plain text
    • Export to HTML
    • Export to DayOne app compatible files
    • User definable HTML and text export templates
    • Share backups to Dropbox and other apps
    Data Retrieval / Viewing Features:
    • Time line view
    • Search content and weather
    • Saved searches
    • Pre-defined date ranges including ‘this week, month, year’ and ‘last week, month, year’
    • Journal can be filtered on categories
    Sharing Features:
    • Share entries with apps including Facebook, Twitter, Evernote etc.
    • Create stunning HTML versions of your journal
    • Send an entry via SMS
    Other Features:
    • Interactive location maps
    • User defined categories
    • This Time Last Year notifications (tells you what you were up to last year)
    • User definable units (Temperature, Wind speed etc)
    • User definable colours
    • Reminder to write in your journal
    • Tablet optimised version
    Key: diary, journal, password, secure, private diary, free, trial, dayone, memories, daily journal, lockable,protected diary,day one app, day journal, diary app
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 1.6 and up
    10. Video:

  13. 1. App Name: Dive into Yoga
    2. Developer Name: Andrew Smith –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Health & Fitness
    8. Description:
    Christine Martitz, international yoga expert and teacher, has now made it possible for you to share her secrets and immerse yourself in the mystical world of yoga with 29 individual high quality videos demonstrating how to practice yoga.
    Unlike most yoga apps, this app combines instruction with demonstration using video. Rather than looking at a still picture of a particular pose, these videos show you how to perform each pose correctly and without strain. The beautifully shot clips give you the ability to see yoga postures in real time, with a real person, while hearing expert instruction. Why settle for pictures, when you can have your own private yoga class with Christine?
    This app is sure to raise your practice to the next level.
    Christine will inspire you to make your personal practice of yoga stronger and more effective – rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.
    Her down to earth insightful teaching style will allow you to enhance your yoga practice. Get the feeling of a yoga vacation or retreat in the comfort of your own home and become healthier with this revolutionary app.
    This app is the ideal way to begin your yoga routine and improve your health. You can even control your cholesterol level, reduce weight, normalize blood pressure and improve cardiac performance.
    Included in this App:
    * 29 video clips showing you how to do yoga and one introduction video (all together about 54min/287MB video material)
    * ability to play just one video clip
    * ability to make a set of video clips and play them all
    * glossary with photos of asanas and sanskrit terms
    * ability to store video clips to your phone or to watch video clips online
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.1 and up

  14. 1. App Name: Background Wallpapers
    2. Developer Name: Diego Urtado – (Spectrum Apps)
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Utilities
    8. Description:
    Wallpapers HD has the biggest selections of unique and high quality Wallpapers for your Android device.
    It is the Fastest Wallpaper app!
    More than 50.000 different Wallpapers 100% free!!!
    New Wallpapers added every day!!!
    • Over 50.000 different Wallpapers in HD!
    • Categorized images!
    • Search through wallpapers using keywords
    • More than 60 different categories!
    • New Wallpapers added daily.
    Kaywords: background, backgrounds, hd, images, facebook, photos, pictures, wallpaper, wallpapers
    Abstract, Animals, Anime, Architecture, Artistic, Baby, Beaches, Blue, Buildings, Cars, Cats, Christmas, City, Colorful, Comedy, Cute, Dogs, Fantasy, Festival, Flag, Flowers, Food, Funny, Games, Girly, Graffiti, Green, Guys, Halloween, Heart, Holiday, Horoscope, Humor, Illustration, Insect, Love, Military, Miscellaneous, Models, Money, Monochrome, Movies, Music, Nature, New Year, Paintings, Patterns, People, Pink, Plants, Quotes, Quotes, Red, Religion, Scary, Sky, Space, Sports, Sunsets, Texture, Thanksgiving, Travel, Trees, Universe, Valentine, Vintage, Yellow.
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 2.2 and up

  15. 1. App Name: PhoneSpy: Secret Camera
    2. Developer Name: Will Jamieson – Supreme apps –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Tools
    8. Description:
    Do you have a nosy mom, dad or significant other that you suspect is looking at your phone and reading your messages?
    Well now you can catch them in the act without them knowing! PhoneSpy uses the front facing camera to take a picture of the intruder every time the phone is unlocked. The photo is taken in the background so the intruder has no clue that a photo was taken of them. After the photo is taken it is saved in your photo gallery in a folder called “PhoneSpy” from there you can embarrass the intruder by uploading the photo to social networks such as Facebook or send the photo to the intruder via text.
    Catch the intruders in the act and download PhoneSpy today!
    • Take photos without showing camera
    • Delete all photos with the click of a button
    • Lightweight
    • Ad Free
    9. Requirements: Requires Android: 4.0 and up

  16. 1. App Name: iExpense Diary
    2. Developer Name: Vipul Patel – ViPrak Web Solutions –
    3. App Store Link to your app:
    4. Screen shot of title/open screen: See link above.
    5. Price: Free
    6. Contact email:
    7. Category: Finance
    8. Description:
    ********** The best tool for keeping track of your daily expenses !!!
    **************** Five* It definitely 5 stars app!! ****************
    Main Features
    – Easy entry for income/expense from a single screen
    – Wide range of category to choose from
    – Create recurring expenses for automatic logging
    – Statistical report view by day wise, week wise & month wise
    – Graphical view of report
    – Customization of currency
    – Easy to use
    In-App Purchase
    – Custom category
    – Passcode protection
    – Export to excel of statistical reports
    iExpense Diary is one of the new and cool apps for Android users. Sometimes tracking and expense management is something you can’t always do because there are a lot of other things more important you need to attend to. But bad management of expenses can lead to wasteful spending. iExpense Diary is one of the best ways to save money. It’s a simple & always handy expense tracking tool.
    iExpense Diary becomes useful in keeping your personal finance safe and sound. It will become your silent financial advisor. Money management has never been this easy and fast. It is very easy to use because all you need to do is to keep record of all your expenses. The features it offers include allowing you to add expenses category wise, choosing payment type such as credit card, cash, debit card and others and small note for your reference.
    If you want to improve the weak areas in your spending, this app can also help because it will prepare a pie chart that will help you in tracking the category where you are spending maximum in a week or month. Based on the pie chart, you can easily re-evaluate your daily expenses and be able to control them. Also, recording the transaction category wise will make it easy for you to track your expenses. Just choose the area where you think you need improvement to save maximum money. You can also export your statistical & graphical report to PDF and email it to yourself by In-App purchase.
    As the name suggests, iExpense Diary is truly an application that will allow you to simply record all your expenses and then track them together anytime in the future. This expense recording application is very easy to use because all you need to do is launch it and then record the details of the transaction including the amount, payment type, category, note and date.
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    Christian Dating Singles Chat is the largest community for the following Christian denominations:
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    Multiconverter is a fully featured unit
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    1. Universar Unit Convertion
    * 1250+ units in 65 + categories
    * Currency exchange rates (online update with current rates)

    2. Customizing for unit/Categories and Currencies
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    3. User-defined Units Pairs
    * User-defined Units Pairs.
    * NEW : User-defined Categories
    * NEW : User-definde Units

    * customized on-screen keyboard
    * direct algebraic calculation

    Tips and Tricks
    • When performing a calculation click on the star icon to make favorite Pairs whick you can use them on first page on the top icon
    * User Can Change Default Language in Preferences


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    Save your favorite pictures in your Treasure Box, share them with friends or buy them right from the app.
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    Home Decoration Showcasz was created to combine the fun of going to the furniture showroom with the ease and pricing of online shopping.
    With this mobile application for smartphones and tablets, you no longer need to run from store to store to find the right fit, only to have it delivered and realize it does not go well with the rest of the room. Showcasz’s unique, innovative Fitting Room feature enables you to actually see what a new couch, mirror or light fixture will look like when it is placed in your home. Simply open the application and take a picture of the room you are looking to decorate. Then, just select one of the thousands of options available for sale with the application and it is placed within the image. Home Decoration Showcasz takes the guesswork out of redecorating.
    With this free application, you can be your own interior decorator. Whether you are remodelling your entire home, or just looking for an accent piece to place in your living room, Showcasz has a vast selection of digital catalogs from some of the best furniture and lighting sellers on the web – all in one place. You can flip through different vendor inventories, thousands of options, in just minutes to identify the best fit for your needs. Then purchase your choices straight from the app at huge discounts – up to 85% off.
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