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As we push for the movie industry, we also want to help elevate one of the most innovative shoe making businesses in Africa. The Aba shoe industry in South East Nigeria produces quality that nearly compares with the Italian brands. They lead the African market, and yet they have no presence outside the continent. We want to take this global.


We can do this for Aba and Nigeria. The initial strategy could be well branded website and then promote the products in US stores where they can fetch premiums and make the guys better.


We need networks and outlets where people can go and buy Nigerian made shoes and watch Nigerian movies when they are opened right in US, Canada and Europe. A solid distribution network that will take advantage of the sophistication, quality and low price these brands bring.


This is an open ended question – Tekedia has no expertise and not interested whatsoever. But if you are looking for a business plan, this a good one.  As you create the supply chain, you can also help the Aba guys improve. After all, we do make some things – movies and shoes,  at least.


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  1. Hello, i just arrived in nigeria and I heard about Aba.. I always wanted to create my own shoes brand so I think I will go and see what aba can offer to me

  2. I am currently carrying out a research for a DFID funded project in Nigeria.

    The objective of the project is to iwprove income and employment opportunities for the poor and women in the market systems and part of the component of my research is for footwear and clothing in Aba. It also involes wholesales and retails. The project is called GEMS 4

    Can I pay you a visit? Pls, reply ASAP.

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