You Can Email Nigerian President – He Has A Contact Me Tab In His Facebook Page

You Can Email Nigerian President – He Has A Contact Me Tab In His Facebook Page

Nigerian president has a Contact Me interface on his Facebook page so that people can email him, confidentially. It is one way he hopes to stay connected to what the people want. The president noted:  “I will continue to be responsive to you and I urge you to please make use of these tools to further our engagements”. President Goodluck President, we are still waiting for the good luck with light and that one does not need any confidential email. Just DO IT!

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28 thoughts on “You Can Email Nigerian President – He Has A Contact Me Tab In His Facebook Page

  1. ajileye kayode ololade · Edit

    your excellency sir,i sent you a message via the contact me link sir.please i’ld very much appreciate it if you replied as soon as possible.THANK YOU SIR

  2. God bless you President Jonathan & your family. My nme is Rev. Uche Ikpa and I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Please, can I have your email address so I can email you. I can’t find your email anywhere. My heart is heavy on African nations joining Western nations to go to war with Mali. I want to discuss with you why Mali should not be invaded. Please,can I have your email address?
    Thanks, Rev. Uche Ikpa.

  3. Dear Sir/The President Goodluck Jonathan. Please let me to introduce myself,I am Mrs.Endoo Teeraprasert trader from Thailand have contraction with the OORBDA project and want your help to complete this project which have many problems. I complainted to Dr.Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,email; Please you help me to successful. Many thanks for your kindness. Best Regards;; Mrs.Endoo.

    1. Dear Sir/The President Goodluck Jonathan.
      Please you help me from our problems>the OORBDA project in Nigeria and Mr.Joseph Omazi Olu from the gel much more 2 months ago or please you contact to OORBDA project email; Many thaks for your kindness. Best Regards; Mrs.Endoo Teeraprasert,

  4. No money,I cried all nite gvt had incresead our school fee nt minding those who care for themselves, can you help me pay my own? Pls who ever wil receive this msg may almighty God bless and protect u Amen 08104717197 occonor nkiru

  5. I contested and lost 2008 Delta State Council election at the primary. since then, no one has shown me any sense of belonging. No job, no contract. Could I send my curriculum vitae Sir. I am a member of PDP from Delta State. Oga, atall atall naim bad o. S .A. Dibie, M.Sc Environmental Mgt.
    B.Sc Zoology UNN

  6. Dear sirs,

    Good day to you over there, My name is Julius Okon from Abuja.I am writting to inform you about some rubbish and nonsense practice in EFCC in lagos..Is lagos EFCC now a Police station? Anyway I am sorry for the question, let me start by letting you know the whole issue and the truth of the matter going on.

    There’s a man call Alhaji Rasaq Olatunji reside in lagos, this man has been practising illegal duty with some Police man since couple of years ago by arresting some yahoo boys and some innocents boys on the street aiming to take huge money from them and share it with the Police boss in whereever police station they use to detained those boys.There are so many evidence and court cases against this so call Alhaji Rasaq Olatunji And all the fact were known to the public and the authority that this man is taking an informat Job as something he can be doing for his living purpose he has some links in the police force and knows how to write petitions up and down.

    Now information have been in circulation about his intention of using the EFCC to arrest boys everywhere especially when he called the yahoo boys to give him money and they refuse, Please I am not trying to blackmail anyone in the EFCC in lagos office here but they have really gone too far with alhaji these days in obtaining money from people with the fear that if they did not give Alhaji money he can go and cook some story and arrange them for EFCC to arrest…I have 2-5 proof, I can come up with his voice script with some boys negociating for money and some sms message of account details he sent to them for money.His not a patrotic citizen and he did not have a good intention in supplying information to the authority which I am very sure the guys at the EFCC knew all this….I want the EFCC to Ask Alhaji too where he got money to build his own house too and cars he use…And question him all his cases in the court etc…

    It’s all fine now that all eyes are open that any crook can just stand up and start turning the authority to wherever he like, well everyone is learning a serious lesson now and we have educated enough that we can as well write a petition to the Presidency by ourself and not giving up until we have an answer to all this rubbish and nonsense that’s happening in the name of EFCC and among the EFCC officers.

    I don’t even know when EFCC turn to a garrage where someone can just come and believe he can corrupt the officers there or seize the opportunity that the law allow anyone to send a petition without any concrete evidence just to scare young people of tommorrow in the society so that they can always be giving him money for their illegal runs whenever he call them on the phone for money…I think EFCC too have to restraint or reamend the way and manner they too petitions from people and the way they carry out their investigation by asking the informat to go along with the to the scene of bursting or any arrest of a suspect..All this have to stop, did not support whoever that commit an offence but our anti crime organisation should be so dirty, the name of EFCC should stand so clean and neat from every other anti crime organisation…I am begging your good office sir, to seriously look into this matter and eradicate the way EFCC operate with informat and for safety reason its dangerious when crime stopper organisation like t.his allow the suppect to know who ever lead to his/her arrest.

    I hope and believe something will be done so fast and please investigate Alhaji and his own team in Lagos EFCC very well, i am sorry not to disclose my full identity for safety reason, if u need any information from me, please email and I will try and give you as much as I can.Below are link of some bad stories about alhaji Rasaq Olatunji:

    Imagine someone with this bad name and bad stories, forging warrants and Police govt stamps etc to enable him to operate with some illegal police man to arrest guys for money…I pray God should come to our rescue in this country..No one could understand what’s going on now.Well, I will keep sending mails everyday until I have a reply from you and a copy of this email has been sent to the presidency by a courier service and we will continue to do this until we have a reply from the presidency too, also copy of this has been sent to the media houses..Let EFCC work and do not tolerate nonsense that this alhaji in bringing to them by corrupting some officers so that they can be obtaining money from people.

    Hope to read from you soon.








    MOBILE PHONE : +81-90-3282-3425.

  8. osakwe orfechukwu augustine · Edit

    Greetings Your Excellency! I am Osakwe Orfechukwu Augustine AKA Mr Nigeria Planet. I am writing you to officially introduce myself to you as the present MR NIGERIA PLANET from the recent contest held on the 1st of June 2013 in Lagos state. I also wish to notify you that i will be representing this great country in the next MR PLANET pageantry holding in Philippines come September 2013. I humbly seek for your assistance and support in enabling me be a great ambassador of this nation.If approved by you sir,i wish to pay you a courtesy visit to Aso rock. God bless you as you act fast on this issue. Thank you your excellency.

    1. Dear president, with utmost humility i use this platform to greet you,your wife our mummy and your team i continue to say God bless your entire family.
      Sir,my name is MFON EDET NKEREUWEM from Akwa ibom State leaving in Calabar,pls sir i have a serious problem that God wil pass thro you and help me i have written series of letters but to no avail pls sir i need a job or money to start up a business i graduated since 2003 no job as i don’t have someone to speak for me and also lost my both parents in a motor accident pls sir be my God father this day my phone Number is 07031397450 and my accout no is 0043219161-GTB,NKEREUWEM MFON EDET pls whosoever that is reading this message before the president let almighty God touch your heart to help me.thank you sir for reading my message God will continue to bless and keep you from all evil eyes

      1. Dear president with utmost humility i use this platform to greet you and mommy sir, my name is grace obiole from anambra state but live in kaduna. Pls sir be a blessing to mine family by assisting us financialy so that my husband can go back to his business and my children go back to school. Sir be our Godfather in this time of need thanks and God bless, this my phone num 08033498303

  9. “Tekedia ? You Can Email Nigerian President – He
    Has A Contact Me Tab In His Facebook Page” ended up
    being a superb article and also I was in fact truly joyful to discover the blog post.
    Thank you,Marcel

  10. Refering TO THE
    The Ruling judge: Owada ruled in my favour that the debt owed to me was to be paid.Official Gazette,<Vol,12:int-court of justice/U.N Notice No9024 dated:14/10/09. Remains UNPAID confirm receipt INTENTION.
    Sincerely:Sydney Rael Phone(858)414-4352.San Diego.USA

  11. Dear Mr. President:
    I would like to tell you what is going on with me. I am from Calif and replied to Louis Carter’s email about trying to get a loan. I am unable to get a loan here because of my credit. He gave me information and told me that I would only have to pay one small fee. I asked him if this was the only fee and he said yes it was. As soon as I sent the fee, then he started asking me for money and always it was this is the last fee you will have to pay. So far, I have sent him close to $2000 and he just keeps asking for more and keeps saying that it is the last. He has threatened me also. The EFCC tells me to just keep sending him the money and he will send the loan. Yesterday, he asked for another $150. and again said that it was the last. He is supposed to one of the best lenders but he has lied since day one and I cannot get anyone to do anything to get some help. So I am writing you because I do not want him to do this to any more Americans. He has scammed me and continues to lie and scam me some more. I have stopped answering his emails because all he can say is “just send the money”. He doe not seem to understand that this money is hard to come by for me and I cannot send any more. I hope you can get something done about him. He seems to think that he is untouchable. Thank you.

  12. Dear Sir/The President Goodluck Jonathan. Please let me to introduce myself,I am Yekorogha Gelegukuma also ? cousin to Azibaola Robert. Sir, I went for the this amnesty programme to Train as ? pilot as the traing was going on Mr Richard Akinaka and Capt Perekemi pobeni came wit letters and said it was signed by Kingsley Kuku that some of us should leave the training centre of which was flying alone and I also finished all my PPL Exam, waiting For the weather to get better so I could test for my liesence. That they want to change our training to flight dispatcher. They brought us to Nigeria since febuary 2013 uptill date we have not been called. Sir, pls help us and call Kingsley Kuku and talk to him on our behalf. My phone number is 08038660195. E-mail Thnx & Remain blessed.


    Dad,Mr president its me again MFON EDET frm Akwa Ibom State.Father,pls help me life is nt easy wit me I’m telliing you the gosple truth,pls sir I need a job or anything I can lay ma hands upon I am a masters hoder in Special Education pls sir do anything within ur power to help me.pls dis is ma account numba 0043219161-MFON EDET NKEREUWEM (gtb)thank you father God bls you and giv you long life.07031397450

  14. Dear sir,president of Nigeria,pls I’m reminding you again of my unemployment status pls sir grant me an opportunity to work for you in any ministry I am a graduate of special Education and also masters holder in the same field pls sir let it please you to help with me a job.thanking you in anticipation of your kind gesture.MFON EDET NKEREUWEM my e-mail ( 07031397450

  15. Hello Goodluck Jonathan My name is Tania McCash. I live in San Jose California. I believe that the United States goverment is following due to my husbands extreme illegal activity.
    I also believe that your country is aware of this. Please contact me at 408-77113574
    Thank you
    Tania mccash

  16. I am a student at University of South Africa, I reside in Johannesburg. There are lots of Nigerians who are studying here in South Africa but it is with deep regrets that we do not have an association that unites us. I have been able to bring together few students but this is not enough as we need to reach every part of South Africa to inform every Nigerian student about this association. We need help from the Nigerian government expecially the ministry of eduction and the Nigerian ambassador to South Africa to be able to bring Nigerian students in South Africa together. Please respond through my email

  17. i want to know how i can send a letter to the president in Aso-Rock…
    i would like to send him letter and a document and if he’s interested in what i will send him, i will state how he can get back to me…


  18. Greetings Mr President. I want to work with you towards actualising your ambition for 2015. There are a lot of Youths that will support your campaign here in Rivers State. You can count on me. Thank you.

  19. SIR,


    The traffic wardens throughout Nigeria presently are sad all over the nation right now because the police force authority are maltreating the traffic wardens personnel.
    Go round and sample the opinion of my people ,you will hear a lot from them.

    The authority are frustrating us ,they stave us with promotion,place the most junior officers on us

    Some policemen have been promoted,leaving we that are senior to them without any special reason.

    Some have been scheduled again ,people that we senior for more than ten good years are going to be our senior again.

    Traffic wardens inspectors have always been prevented from participating in any thing that has to do with the police .

    Presently,high level of bitterness hatred,discrimination,segregation,marginalization,etc is the order of the day right now in the system.

    There is division in the system ,a lot of crack in the wall of the police force.when you talk ,the next thing dismiss him that is why l am afraid.

    Our President believes in equity and justice for all Nigerians as per ;U WIN ‘ programme but l can tell you point blank that the police do not believe in that at all,that is evident in the way they are treating the Traffic Wardens,

    They are planning to enslave the traffic wardens forever,it was exhibited to the road safety but they reject it .also the former IGP was against the Nigerian civil defense corps it was turn down.

    We are in the millennium era ,there is a particular, ‘TRAFFIC WARDENS ACT OF1977 ‘ which was formulated that our rank should not exceed inspectors, presently, we have a lot of graduates amongst us ,how come should that act be used on us

    We are not happy at all they should do what is just and right for us to have a better society.

    l have hope in the future of our dear country .

  20. Dr Joseph Ali Musa · Edit

    Good day our beloved Mr President. Thank youfor your transformation agenda. My advice to you sir is adaddress insecurity by dealing with all sponsors of violence before it consume the whole nation.Suspend all government programmes for now. No matter what it will take to do it is necessary.God will be with you to protect you. Amen.


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