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Though all the fans of Apple are mourning as Steve Jobs passed last night, the world cannot but continue to discuss the amazing creations he left behind. So, we will continue to write about iPhone, iPad, and more. So, what is the meaning of the “S” in iPhone 4S?


The new iPhone 4S sports several new features designed to enhance its appeal to users. These include a new dual-core A5 processor for faster performance while maintaining battery life, a higher-resolution 8-megapixel camera to take sharper pictures and video, and the availability of 64GB of NAND flash memory to provide greater capacity to store more songs, apps, movies and other content.


Wall Street initially reacted to the iPhone 4S introduction by sending down Apple’s shares by 5 percent, although the stock price recovered most of that decline by the close of the market on Tuesday.


Most observers attributed the Wall Street letdown to the fact that Apple didn’t roll out the iPhone 5, with rumored features including a new form factor, near-field communications (NFC), a larger and higher-resolution display and support for long term evolution (LTE) 4G technology.


However, some of the disappointment also may have come from the fact that Apple didn’t announce a true low-end iPhone model. IHS defines a low-end smartphone as a smartphone that has an unsubsidized price ranging from $100 to $150.


Simply, Apple gave us iPhone 4S with the “S” meaning “slight changes”.


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  1. I think the ‘S’ in iPhone 4S stands for SLIM.

  2. This what I believe is that Iphone 4s Stand for…. 4 Steven Jobs. To remember him always. This what I believe.

  3. LMAO @ some of the comments…the ‘S’ in 3GS stands for speed; according to apple. So I’m sure it also stands for speed in the 4S

  4. The s stands for Siri

  5. Maybe it stands for Stupid. LOL

  6. I think ‘S’ means Siri (voice assistant)

  7. I believe the ‘S’ in the iPhone 4S stands for Siri. The voice assistant that allows you to control your iPhone by your voice.

  8. The “s” in iphone 4s and 3gs stand for speed. Each S model is faster than its predecessor, namely the iphone 4 and 3g respectively.

    Source: Apple

    P.S. The s in the iphone 4s can also mean “STUPID SIRI”

  9. The “S” stands for sexy so its the iPhone 4 but sexier

  10. this S is in android phones too… Galaxy S, Xperia S, One S etc.
    i too was searching 4 its meaning….can any1 tell me ??

  11. i think s mean sex

  12. the “S” in iphone4s stands for “smarter” .we all knows the smart phones but there is the smarter witch are “iphone4S-xperiaS-galaxyS-3S ……”

  13. I thought “S” means “Siri”

  14. Duh, the “S” stands for sexy. everyone should know that.

  15. I though the “S” meant Siri

  16. Well the S can not stand for siri for certaint reasons:

    1) the iphone 3G added 3g services, but the 3GS did not Have siri nor did the iPhone 4. why would they take it out of the 4?

    2) the iPhone was the pioneer of Siri. but When the Iphone 5 came out, i still had siri. and so that means the S must have some meaning to changes since each phone has a different proccessor.

  17. How did u acquire the ideas to compose ““Tekedia ? What Is The ?S? In Apple iPhone
    4S? What Does It Mean?”? Thanks for the post -Kathie

  18. s anan? sikiyim anlam?na gelir

    Tekedia » How Apple Came Up With The “S” In iPhone 4S. The Two Meanings Of The “S’ In iPhone 4S

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