Scope Technologies Announces OBD Fleet Telematics Device

Scope Technologies Announces OBD Fleet Telematics Device

Singapore-based Scope Technologies has announced the MHub 837, a low-cost revolutionary self install OBD fleet telematics device. Scope specializes in Fleet Telematics, Mobile Resource Management and Pay As You Drive (PAYD) solutions.


The company recently won a contract for a a major PAYD project in South Africa with Hollard Insurance. The Mhub837, which is a new generation driver behavior monitoring and GPS tracking device, has been created with a view of the South African project. Utilizing a patented pattern recognition algorithm that analyses OBD and accelerometer data, the MHub 837 will provide vehicle and driver activity information which can be utilized to assess the risk levels associated with any given driver or vehicle.


Behavior patterns analyzed by the device include harsh braking, aggressive lane swerving, road segment speeding, etc., The unit is self installed via a connection to the vehicle’s OBD II port.“MHub 837 is an innovative game changing device which is designed to address the growing needs of the insurance market sector.


Scope is very pleased with this development and is equally excited to see the reception this new development has received from our partners spread across over 46 countries now. We are also glad to be associated with Hollard Insurance which is pursuing pioneering work on promoting and deploying PAYD insurance across South Africa based on our technology offerings,” explained Monty Nussbaum, managing director of Scope Technologies.


The new solution will find wide application in a variety of market verticals including insurance, leasing, automotive, vehicle distribution and aftermarket.


“Within a few weeks of its launch, we have witnessed a huge surge in its demand and orders that has also led us to upscale our production facilities in China and South Africa. Its low cost and self installation ability is even bringing newer verticals to the telematics fold that is further paving the way for us to develop specialized solutions for the new markets and opportunities. We will be launching within the next quarter a suite of consumer location based added value services featuring comprehensive social network integration. The offering shall be available on mobile phones and PC platforms,” Monty added.


Scope Technologies is a leading global technology provider specialising in Mobile Resource Management, encompassing Fleet Telematics and Mobile Workforce Management.


Established in 1999, Scope has emerged as an internationally recognised technology leader providing Fleet Telematics Services across 37 countries with modular end-to-end solutions. For nearly a decade, Scope’s solutions have helped companies around the globe to increase the efficiency of their fleets and mobile resources, decrease operational costs and improve profitability.

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