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This is very novel and inventive. Get paid to send a tweet? And in Nigeria to make it better. allows you to check your tweet’s worth as defined by NairaTweet Team. Your worth is subjected to varying numbers of factors which includes your followers and tweets.
After Signup select a maximum of 3 advert campaigns of your choice taking time to read about them. You will then compose your own unique tweets for each of the campaigns based on their descriptions and the samples given.


These tweets will then be automatically sent to your timeline once everyday for each tweet you compose so the higher the tweets you compose the more you earn. You earn for every tweet sent to your timeline. Once your account balance on NairaTweets is up to N2000 you can request payment via Bank Transfers which will be processed 3-5 days after you have made the request. There are also other options for payments less than N2000 which include redeeming vouchers and GSM recharge cards.


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  1. If only they can figure out a better way of payment. But it is a nice idea like yours. They will need some investments to actually streamline payment system. I put this in the same category of paying people to receive bulk SMS in areas of choice so that you target them with ads. People sign up for bulk SMS, you pay them for each they receive in their interests….a lot could be done in these areas.

  2. This is great. I hope it comes to stay in Nigeria.

  3. Yes. Its a great site and you can check them out
    The only problem is that they do not quite explain how to create a campaign

  4. My tweet whats is abo ut 0.09 when i log inside my darshboard what use to see is advitisers are willing to pay you 0.00 so pls i don’t undertand

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