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Technologies have a great impact on our lives. There are many inventions that have changed the way we live our lives. Some of them have facilitated us way beyond our recognition. VoIP is one such technology is gradually changing our lives by taking over the role of a phone service. VoIP providers offer different types of internet phone services to all their customers. Choosing the right one can become a difficult decision to make. This review will compare two of the big names in the VoIP phone industry, Axvoice and Packet 8. You will see how both of them perform against the different set criteria for a good phone service.


Service reliability

The reliability of a phone service is one of the most important aspects that a user should look into. There is no other trait that important as reliability. We depend a lot on a phone service for various different reasons. If we closely look at all the traits, we find that reliability is on top of all because there can be emergency situations where our only helper will be the phone. Axvoice and Packet 8 both offer an extremely reliable phone service to all their customers. I used both of them for many months now and did not experience any service drops or any other issues. In terms of reliability, I found both Axvoice and Packet 8 extremely reliable phone services without any issues.


Call quality

The call quality that we experience on our phones is another important trait of a good VoIP service. Call quality means a smooth talking experience on phone without any interruptions, echoes, and any other problems. When we go in the market to fetch a good phone service, every VoIP provider claims to offer a high call quality to its customers, but in reality, very few really deliver it. Axvoice and Packet 8 have the same voice quality when I dial local calls inside the US to any of the states. But the call quality suddenly changes when I make phone calls abroad. There is a lot of difference between the calls made abroad from Axvoice and Packet 8. Packet 8 fails to deliver the same high call quality that it delivered for local calls. There are frequent disruptions, disconnections and the echoing, which all make call receiving an annoying experience.


Installation and configuration

The process of ordering was pretty simple, I jus to ordered both Axvoice and Packet 8 by mail. I received both of them within few days. There wasn’t any difference in the installation and I just started making phone calls within no time. Each accompanied a user manual that had written on it step by step guide on how to configure and install the phone set. Within no time, I started using both the phone services. There aren’t any differences in terms of installation procedure and neither of them is complicated.


Service features offered

The features complete an internet phone service. Axvoice and Packet 8 both offer value for money features, but in this regard, Axvoice is way ahead. When we look at Axvoice, it offers more than twenty five service features to its customers and does not charge for any of the advanced features that it offers. Packet 8 has a very limited number of service features offered to its customers which makes Axvoice a better value for money internet phone service.


The overall experience that I had with Axvoice was better because it offers more features, has a better call quality and gives more value for money to its subscribers.


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  1. Can one make calls to West Africa with this product? I use VOIP but this one that has a flat yearly fee looks good. I will probably switch if it can make calls to Lagos and Accra.

  2. Axvoice is good. I have used them for months now. I have not used the other product and cannot comment. I switched from Vonate to Axvoice. This is a big shift but we have to see how apps will affect the market. I am waitting for a free app that will make calls free. but now, axvoice is go.

  3. voip….signing up today in texas if they can call lagos. do you know it could be cost savings than phone cards. i will call axvoice to find out.

  4. Well now a day, approximately all the voip providers are offering features with their service. Many of the features are the same. However, some of the providers don’t have very user friendly interface for to use these features. Axvoice’s interface is user friendly specially for the new users of VoIP.

  5. i have tried to see if I can get a Nigerian deal on this site. Not possible. I live in New York and make calls to Nigeria. Why can’t you people add Nigeria in the list. we are 1/5th of African population with large int’l audience.

    tekedia – this company is not offering any service to Africa and i see no reason for adding them on this blog. i like the disccuision but they do not serve any use to we the readers. do they offer those $99/year service to Lagos.

    send me the link please here i will sign up. i spend much on calling cards.

  6. The most popular features right now are call forwarding and voice mail messaging. I know many people who switched to voip service just for these two features. However, requirements for these features vary from person to person.

  7. I completely agree. Many people switch to voip for call forwarding but situation was different in my case. I switched to voip service for conference calling. I am running a small property dealer in Atlanta area. This feature has saved lot of my time and money.

  8. Well there are several reasons why people switch to VoIP service. Many select this service because of low prices and many select it for its unique features. However, what we need to do is to keep our own requirements in mind before taking the final decision.

  9. Yes it is really imporant in VoIP service. Although, every solution offered by voip technology is low cost but it offers a variety of solutions. Therefore, you need to properly analyze your present and future requirements before you go to buy in the market.

  10. I would say price is the most important factor. If you are offering low prices, definitely everyone would give a try at least once. With a high price, you have to convince the consumer to buy that product. VoIP is offering the lowest prices in the market and this is why it is so successful.

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