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Fixing Africa’s Clusters of Inventions

More than five hundred years ago, the gross world product was flat as global economic growth was stagnant. In other words, generations of people that lived apart did not experience major changes in living standards. Though there were empires and ...

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Five Pillars for Building Africa’s Hi-Tech Sector

The fifth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) will take place on November 19 – 21, 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco, the first time in an African nation.  The Summit, hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco under the High Patronage of his ...

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Fifth Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit Will Take Place In Morocco

The fifth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (#GES2014) (http://www.gesmarrakech2014.org) will take place on November 19 – 21, 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco, the first time in an African nation.  The Summit, the largest gathering of entrepreneurs during Global Entrepreneurship Week, will be ...

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Kaspersky Lab: Ebola hook in “Nigerian” spam

In September spammers produced topical new versions of the old “Nigerian Letter” scam, this time based on the Ebola virus. According to company’s experts several mass mailings exploited this theme. A large part of the major theme mailings promoted products ...

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7 African Startups That Received Microsoft 4Afrika Funding

Microsoft Corp. today announced seven new African startups to receive funding, technical support and mentorship to fast-track their growth and provide a roadmap to  highlight Africa’s ‘future  growth pole’. The announcement was made at the Microsoft 4Afrika Advisory Council meeting in Nairobi ...

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The recently announced IPO of Alibaba got me thinking last week about network effects1 – what they are, how they develop and evolve, and how network effects can help or hurt a startup.   That is something I think about a lot, practically every day. In other words each time I am sitting across from a founder listening to that founders’ explanation of a startup’s market, the problem it is solving, and its business model, I am […]


Hunter Walk’s blog post serves as the inspiration for this one. He points out that operations is key for startups operating in the on-demand economy. I want to pick up where he left off, and attempt to connect the dots. This post will answer the question “Why is operations important for tech startups?” All else equal, and I know that is rarely true, operations marks the difference between an unsustainable competitive advantage and a sustainable […]


Fasmicro is West Africa’s largest embedded systems company with deep domain expertise onMicrochip microcontroller technologies.  We use them for our products and we bring those experiences to our training sessions.  Besides training, we provide design services to government labs/agencies, universities, freelancers and private institutions on microcontrollers. Training is monthly in our Owerri Design & Training Centre.   Fasmicro offers BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED microcontroller programming training programs based on Microchip PIC technologies.   Please call or email us for custom ones.   We […]

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Over the last few years, technology continues to advance our capabilities to do many things. We have seen the powers of technology in improving the abilities of doctors to perform surgeries with more efficiency because they use special sensors to help them. The constructs of the future is a more connected world as we herald a new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) which involves the interconnection of systems, tools and devices to work […]


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has descended on Owntel Communications for allegedly offering telecommunications services for which it was not licensed.   The regulator’s Enforcement Team visited the office of Owntel on Isheri Road in Ojodu, a suburb of Lagos impounded some of the equipment it uses for its illegal operations. According to the regulator, Owntel has been offering services on vehicle tracking, as well as sales and installation of fixed and mobile telecommunication terminals, […]


Editor’s Note: This article was contributed by Eve Noble   According to several technology and business commentators, businesses must adopt apps with as much enthusiasm as they adopted websites in the 1990s if they want to continue to keep up with the digital age. Apps are increasingly becoming a necessity for the public, more and more of whom are accessing the internet via their smart phone or tablet every day. Without apps, big businesses could soon […]


Verity of applications needed to be deployed on computers located at any location such as offices or large enterprises. Deploying those applications separately could take lot more time and efforts as well as availability of user sitting on that particular PC. Such problems become much wider as the number of applications required on a single PC has been increased significantly.   Remote application deployment is indigenous technology that helps technology administrator and support professionals to […]

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